Pregnant women hold tens of thousands of bees to take pictures and were died in the birth of 3 rents, and the old bee farmers explained this

On the Internet, I believe we have all seen photos of the "bee people" covered by bees. Most of these photos are some advertisers who experience the photos of honey or strange hunters, and they look terrifying. Not to mention that non -professional people dare not imitate.Even professional people dare to imitate. After all, there are many types of bees, but it is almost the same in appearance. It is unknown whether the pictures we see are poisonous bees or non -toxic bees, so Xiaobian is still here, still here is still here, still here is still here, still here is still here, still here is still here, still here is still here, still here is still here.Remind friends with curiosity, unknown truth, do not imitate!Below a pregnant woman took such a group of photos. Finally, the pregnant woman’s fetus was dead. Although the reason for the death of the fetus is not clear because of the bee, but after all, the bee is poisonous.Let’s get this problem.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on the 16th, a 33 -year -old pregnant woman in the United States died in the palace last weekend. At this time, the fetal distance was only 6 days.

The woman believes that her child does not die by bee, but dies from thrombosis. Because other members of his family also have a miscarriage experience, pregnant women still send the placenta to the inspection agency, hoping to know the truth about the death of the fetus.

Before the incident happened, the pregnant woman did one thing, that is, 20,000 bees swarming on her bulging belly with 20,000 bees.According to the pregnant woman, the bee was bid three times during the camera, but there was no unwell, so it was not sure whether the fetal death was related to the pregnant photo.

Well, this is the passage of the matter. The following editors look at this problem from the perspective of bee.Honey has always been considered a natural nutritional product, but I believe that many friends who like honey have heard the instructions of the merchant, that is, it is not suitable to eat children who are less than 1 year old or 2 years old.

So why is honey unsuitable for children who are less than 1 or 2 years old?The reason is a bacteria called Botox. This bacteria is generally produced by bees in the process of picking honey or brewing. This bacteria does not affect adults, but it is fatal for children under 1 year old.There have been news cases that have been reported by news about the death of infant death.

In fact, we can imagine the toxicity of Botox, and there is no feeling for adults to eat, but it will feel like an adult or a child, but it can still make people break.After touching the bee and being stunned by the bee alive, the toxicity of the bee pupa should not be underestimated.

Then from this point of view, most people will enter different organs in the human body through blood circulation by a bee. According to news reports that people were stung by bees in the past, they can be found that adults are stinged by bees.The main reason for death is that toxins should be filtered by the kidneys. This is the conclusion of the death given by the hospital after a bee farm was stunned by an bee farmer.

Well, will the pregnant woman stole the toxin by the bee, will it also flow to the body with the blood circulation to the body, which is finally absorbed by the fetus and causes death?This editor is unknown. From the perspective of a beekeeper, it is not possible to be a scientific conclusion, but Xiaobian still wants to remind friends who are curious. Some people of bees are allergic.The long -term beekeeping farm has been found that some people are completely unrecognizable after being stung, but how some people have not changed, so for your health, be careful about bees.

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