Pregnant women may pay attention to four major matters such as seat belts

Ms. Zhang has recently been very contradictory. She used to drive to get off work in the past. Now she has been pregnant for 18 weeks. Her father -in -law did not agree with her to continue driving.Can I still drive when I am pregnant? In fact, as long as the expectant mothers are not very tired and drive a little more cautiously, the problem is not big.Pay more attention from the following aspects that expectant mothers can also drive safely and safely.

fasten your seatbelt

Some "big belly" expectant mothers do not like to tie seat belts whether they drive or ride by themselves, fearing that they will go to the stomach and compress the fetus.In fact, expectant mothers should wear seat belts more than ordinary people.Because the car is inevitable to bump or brake suddenly during driving, if pregnant women accidentally hit the dashboard, it will be more dangerous than ordinary people.The correct method of the expectant mother’s seat belt is: the shoulder straps of the seat belt are placed in the scapula, not close to the neck; the shoulder strap part should be used to pass through the center of the chest, and the belt should be placed under the abdomen.Belly.Try to sit right as much as possible in the physical posture, so as not to slide the seat belt and press it to the fetus.

The driving posture should be reasonable

Many expectant mothers are used to leaning forward when driving, which can easily cause abdominal pressure and compress, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and 7-8 months of pregnancy, which can easily lead to abortion or premature birth.Driving during pregnancy should be on the back of the chair to allow it to support the body, which is beneficial to slowing fatigue.If you prepare a small cushion, the effect will be better.Do not take a front -leaning posture to prevent the abdomen from being squeezed into the steering wheel.

The seat location should be adjusted comfortable

Many ladies are used to adjusting the seats when driving. Some people are accustomed to leaning forward and put the whole body on the steering wheel. This posture is actually incorrect.Especially the posture of forward leaning is easy to cause abdominal pressure, which causes the pregnant woman to be oppressed. For the early pregnancy (within 3 months of pregnancy) and the third trimester (after 7 months), this posture is more dangerous and easy to be easyCauses miscarriage or premature birth.When driving, expectant mothers must adjust their seat back to a comfortable position before driving.When driving on the back of the chair, let it support the body.You can also prepare a waist cushion to slow down fatigue.Do not get too close to the steering wheel to avoid hitting the steering wheel when hitting.September 5, 2022 to September 12, 2022

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