Pregnant women must not be careless

Early breakthroughs in the fetal membrane causes amniotic fluid flowing out, and clinically manifested as flowing water, flowing water and less.Because there is no pain when the fetal membrane is ruptured, many pregnant women often think that it is urinating (a long time of amniotic fluid) or leucorrhea (when the amniotic fluid is small).However, the amniotic fluid has no stickiness, so there is a leucorrhea that is different from sticky.At the same time, when the body is standing, the lower body flows more, and the outflow is reduced or stopped when lying down, and there is no intention of urine, so it is not difficult to identify with urination.

The rupture of the fetal membrane will bring adverse effects on the mother and baby, and even cause serious consequences.The fetal membrane is easy to be infected with the uterine cavity early, which can be caught in the fetus.Clinical data show that the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane is prone to acute fetal membraneitis, and the longer, the longer the broken membrane time, the greater the chance of infection.Those who are infected by the mother’s uterine cavity can have a toxic shock and endanger their mother’s life.If the infection and the fetus can cause the fetus in intrauterine distress and even die in the abdomen.If it is delivered, the abnormal incidence of neonatal suffocation, neonatal pneumonia, sepsis and even newborn death can be as high as 50%.If the fetal membrane is broken early due to the absence of the fetal position, it is easy to cause the umbilical cord to prolapse, the blood circulation of the fetus is interrupted, causing the fetus to die.If it occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy, premature and late abortion can be caused, and premature babies are not only difficult to feed, but also prone to death.If the amniotic fluid flows, it can cause "dry production".At this time, the uterus is tightly wrapped in the carcass, affecting the blood circulation of the uterine placenta.Due to insufficient blood supply to the fetus, it is easy to cause intrauterine asphyxia, and it will also cause uncoordinated shrinkage of the uterus, extend the output process, and increase the incurable yield and cesarean section.Because most of the fetal membrane breaks up early at home, and maternal women do not feel pain, maternal and family members often pay attention to insufficient attention.

To prevent premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, you must pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat more vegetables and fruits to increase the intake of vitamin C.Pay attention to prenatal examinations, and find that the fetal position should be corrected early.Those with pelvic stenosis should pay more attention.If you have severe cervic inflammation, you must actively treat it before pregnancy.Avoid severe physical labor during the entire pregnancy and prevent overing fatigue.Pay attention to sex during pregnancy (forbidden sexual life 3 months before and after pregnancy).It is also necessary to prevent abdominal trauma and impact.Once you find a "urine bed", you should seek medical treatment immediately to prevent unexpectedly.

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