Pregnant women playing mobile phones affect fetal development?Use your mobile phone correctly, relax your heart during pregnancy

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Now mobile phones are we are inseparable from communication tools. Many pregnant mothers are worried that playing mobile phones will affect the fetus.Playing mobile phones every day is inevitable, thinking that it will have an impact on the fetus, and it is a little uneasy.Some pregnant mothers will buy radiation protection clothes and think that this can block mobile phone radiation.

I also used mobile phones during pregnancy, and the two children did not see any affected.When using a mobile phone, it will generally not be transmitted to the fetus across clothes, through the thick abdominal wall, and the amniotic fluid, so the fetus is basically not affected by the radiation of the mobile phone.

Now almost a two -person mobile phone. With the rapid development of mobile phones, the country has also introduced many measures to restrict electromagnetic radiation. The standards have become higher and higher. So far, there are few reports on mobile phone radiation affecting fetal development.We live in a radiation environment. The radiation of mobile phones is only one of a large amount of radiation, which can be used normally.

However, some researchers have influenced the influence of mobile phones on mice, and found that mobile phone radiation can cause the body’s nervous system and endocrine dysfunction, causing the body to express multiple cytokine abnormalities.Mobile phone radiation will damage the immune system of mice during the embryo, and has certain damage to the antioxidant system of its brain tissue.

However, the research on evaluating mobile phone radiation and their related health effects is still very limited. It cannot provide electromagnetic radiation biological effects and theoretical mechanisms that can be generally accepted by people.There may be some potential effects.

1. Thermal effect

If you use your mobile phone for a long time, and your posture remains unchanged, the local tissue temperature will be increased.The US Food and Drug Administration believes that high -energy radiation launched by mobile phones will cause biological damage and affect the normal work of organs in the body.This thermal effect has been recognized by the scientific community.

2. Non -thermal effect

If mobile phones are often used, it will be affected by the non -thermal effects of low -energy radio frequency radiation, and people will have more serious neurotic weakness problems, such as headache, dizziness and weakness, reduced memory, and some potential creature damage.A large number of studies at home and abroad have shown that mobile phone electromagnetic radiation energy has an impact on human nervous system, cardiovascular system, immunity and hematopoietic system, visual auditory system and reproductive function.Because the mobile phone uses the median head recently and has a close relationship with the cardiovascular system.

My personal experience is: If you put your phone on your ears for more than 30 minutes, your mobile phone will be particularly hot, the ears will be painful, and the symptoms of headaches in the brain will be accompanied by the symptoms of headaches in the brain., So try not to use mobile phone calls for a long time.

3. Effect on vision

The use of mobile phones for a long time and close -up will make the ciliary muscles in a high tension for a long time. It will not be relaxed for a long time, leading to ciliary muscle spasm, which will affect vision development.After pregnancy, the secretion of tears is reduced, the eyes are easy to dry, and the use of mobile phones for a long time will cause eye fatigue, aggravate the symptoms of dry eyes, eye pain, and increase the number of myopia.

When I use my mobile phone, I feel that once it exceeds 30 minutes, my eyes will be particularly uncomfortable.Especially when you are weak, use your mobile phone for a long time to see things blurred.Therefore, in order to protect the eyes, the length of time is reduced.

4. Effect on emotion

Now the mobile phone function is powerful. If you watch some intense videos of the plot, or tear and thrilling information, it will cause emotional fluctuations in pregnant mothers.Poor emotions can cause some adverse hormones. These adverse hormones are passed to the fetus through the placenta, and the fetus is stimulated and affects its development.

1. Use the headset to answer

The audio signal output by the headset is separated from the radio frequency signal. There is no resonance generated around the headset cable. Therefore, using the headset to answer calls can significantly reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation.

2. After the mobile phone is turned on, pick up the phone

When calling or hearing the bell, when the bell is answered, the signal transmission system of the mobile phone is still unstable. At this time, the radiation power is the largest, so it is best to connect the phone after the signal is stable.

3. Don’t always listen to one ear

Two ears in turns can make the ears dissipated, so as not to make the radiation accumulate to the degree of damage.

4. Use the mobile phone when the mobile phone signal is strong

Pay attention to observing the strength of the mobile phone signal and use the mobile phone when the mobile phone signal is full.Because the weaker the mobile phone signal, the more the transmitting power is needed to ensure the quality of the call, and the greater the electromagnetic radiation at this time.

5. Put your mobile phone away from you while sleeping

The mobile phone still keeps contact with the base station during standby, and it is also radiated, so you should not put your phone on the pillow when you sleep at night.In the same way, it is inappropriate to hang your phone on your waist or chest.

Pregnant mothers must use their mobile phones reasonably. The mobile phone is not a toy, just a tool. Do not use it for more than 30 minutes each time, and it depends on some pleasant information, so that it will not affect the development of the fetus.

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