Pregnant women were fractured by a car accident.

Chutian Metropolis Daily, December 13 (Reporter Li Manying Correspondent Zhou Jianyue Huang Jieying Ding Xiaoting) Recently, when Liu Fang (a pseudonym) of the second child in Jiangxia District, Wuhan City went out, a sudden car accident, a fragmented fracture on the right side, half the side, half the sideThe body cannot move.The doctors measured again and again, and decided to combine the cesarean section and orthopedic surgery into one. After the child was born, the maternal and child was safe.

The 31 -year -old Liu Fang’s house lives near Zanglong Island, Jiangxia District.Four years ago, she had Dabao, and this year she was pregnant with Erbao again.Two weeks ago, she wanted to go out for more than 37 weeks of pregnancy, and her husband, Mr. Chen, drove her to shop.Unexpectedly, a car accident on the way, the car rushed into the roadside ditch.Liu Fang was subconsciously guarding his stomach, and there was a pain at the collarbone on the right.

Subsequently, Liu Fang was rushed to the orthopedic department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hubei Province.He Bingshu, deputy chief physician of the orthopedic department of the hospital, found that Liu Fang was seriously injured. The right clavicle crushed fracture and half of the body could not move.Come huge pain.

Fortunately, Liu Fang’s abdomen was not affected and was close to the due date.He Bingshu invited obstetric experts Tang Fei and Du Shuguo for consultation. After the discussion, he decided to perform a "two -in -one surgery". The obstetrician was given a cesarean section surgery to give birth to the baby, and then the orthopedician performed a general anesthetic surgery.After the plan was determined, Liu Fang was sent to the operating room. Du Shuguo took the stage to perform a cesarean section surgery and took out a baby boy, and then He Bingshu took over again and performed all the anesthesia orthopedic surgery.Two hours later, the "two -in -one surgery" was successfully completed, and Liu Fang turned to an adult ICU to observe to prevent critical situations such as amniotic fluid embolism or thrombosis after surgery.Two days later, Liu Fang was stable and transferred to orthopedics for further treatment.During this period, you can breastfeed normally. On the third day, the right upper limbs can be raised and raised over the head, and the wound heals well.It was cured for a week after the orthopedic hospitalization, and has been discharged smoothly.

"Each year, a digital maternal maternal maternal is treated." Du Shuguo reminded the pregnant mother that the car accident was mild, and the fracture was severe.Don’t sit at the co -driver when riding a car, pay attention to traffic safety.

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