Pregnant women were molested by the drunk man, and the resistance was almost aborted, but the police were identified to fight each other!

When law enforcementists cannot clearly confirm the difference between defense and mutual mutual mutual defense, the sense of security will disappear!

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On May 3, 2023, my boyfriend and I went to Zhuhai. The day before, we stayed in a local ordinary hotel.I wanted to play well, but what happened in the hotel the next day made me still have exclusion and fear of strange men.

I was in a good mood in the morning. I got up early and prepared to play with my boyfriend in Zhuhai.I hurried downstairs, stood in front of the door and waited for my boyfriend to come down, and by the way to make a guide.

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"Liangmei, pump the waves of root cigarettes." I turned my head and looked at it. It was a thin man talking to me. At the same time, a large strand of alcohol flavored came.I don’t smoke.

He didn’t walk away immediately after hearing, and a pair of red eyes swept my body up and down.Due to the high temperature in Zhuhai, I wore a tight black shorts and a loose white T -shirt top. It may be that the clothes were relatively long, and the lower body was like wearing pants.His eyes made me very disgusted, so he glared at him.

I did not expect that his next sentence made me particularly disgusting. His face laughed and said, "Do you want to smoke the cigarette below?", And pointed his lower body with his fingers, I saw him see him.Wearing loose beach pants, there have been bulging.

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How can this girl be so thin and said directly to greet his family.But not only did he retreat, his language became more and more abnormal, and he began to scold me in various unbearable words.

I was almost dead, and I met such scum early in the morning.I turned around and called the police directly, but when I was calling, I suddenly felt that there was one hand pulling me under me behind me. The pain of my heart made me feel excited and turned around and found that it was the drunk man just now.I felt a great insult. Without saying a word, I greeted him directly with his hands and feet.

But after all, he was a man. He began to fight back. He slapped my left ear with a large slap, and suddenly felt his head and ears buzzed.I was beaten, but the other party hadn’t let me go, punching my thighs, belly, and other parts, I cried and ran to the hotel lobby.Fortunately, a good intention stopped him, and I was unable to be free, otherwise he might be killed by him.

The police came, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. My left ear was already bleeding, and my stomach was painful.The police asked me to go to the hospital first, and then go to the local branch to make a transcript.

After the doctor’s examination, I found that I was pregnant, but a word of the doctor made me worry. The doctor said that the uterus was severely collided with external forces, and the fetus could not be kept.

At five in the afternoon, my boyfriend and I came to the police station.I thought, we were in the scope of hotel video monitoring from the beginning. When the police came, the police came with him. I must pursue his legal responsibility.

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But the words of the hosted police officer made me feel very incredible. He said that after watching the video, he found that I also had the behavior of playing against each other. Both sides had a certain mistake.I am 10,000 yuan and asked me to sign for an understanding. I did not agree at the time.

The next day, I went to the police station to find them.

I was very dissatisfied. The theory with that policeman was that the case of the police was beaten by each other. If I was detention, I would be detained for 15 days.After I heard it, I felt that it was really unreasonable. Qi and blood came up all at once, fainted directly in the police station, and woke up in the hospital.

I felt that the police thought it was a mutual fight, and it was very ridiculous. I also said that if I wanted to detain me, I didn’t believe that they could cover the sky in one hand.I sent my experience to the Internet, without adding fuel and vinegar, I just told my experience and sent the relevant materials to the Internet.

My encounter was sympathetic to netizens. The Public Security Bureau finally called me, saying that I was a victim, and they would file a case.I was relieved to listen to the meeting.

On May 21, 2023, the police finally issued a notice that Xie, who threatened me, had been criminally detained and was still in the investigation stage.I believe that the relevant departments will definitely give me a fair handling result.

This case is adapted from the recent real cases. The main purpose is to promote the law of law. If there is any infringement, please contact the author.

Article 43 of the "Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China" who beats others or deliberately hurts others’ bodies shall be detained for more than 5 days and less than 500 yuan or less.Detention for less than 500 yuan on the 5th.If one of the following circumstances, it is detained for more than 10 days and 15 days, and a fine of 500 yuan or less:

(1) Benefiting and hurting others;

(2) Beating, hurting the disabled, pregnant women, people under 14 years of age, or those over 60 years old;

(3) Multiple beatings, harm others or one beating, and harming many people.

Actual fighting actually refers to the harm of each other’s body.However, it is impossible for two people to launch an offense at the same time. Generally, one person first, and the other party repay again. It does not cause the other party to be slightly injured. Generally, it is treated in accordance with the above regulations.If you cannot find out who is right and who is wrong, then you can play fifty boards.

So how to avoid being identified as mutual fighting?The answer is a bit disliked, that is, do n’t pay back the other party, run directly, and then call the police, then the police only punish the other party without punishing the run.

Mutual and legitimate defense will involve attacking the other party’s body.But essentially the difference is that when the opponent beats you, you hit it back. It has the intention of hurting the other party. The focus is on the offense.And just defense, you are to prevent or hit them in order to avoid being harmed or hit, focusing on defense.

At the same time, it is determined that mutual fighting should consider whether the strength of the two sides is too large. If you say that Ma Yun is going to fight with Tyson, this is a bit over.

In this case, the pregnant lady was molested from behind. This kind of behavior of any woman would respond and returned subconsciously. This situation should not be identified as mutual beating.Not only cannot it be identified as mutual fights, but also affirmation should be given to encourage women to bravely protect themselves.

If the lady is just forbearing or running, it will undoubtedly make the criminals proud of it and get in the foot.The lady is obviously the disadvantaged side. Her offensive behavior can be said to avoid the opponent’s actions to further hurt herself. It should be determined to be defensive.

The man Xie Mou was detained in criminal, which showed that the police also corrected the previous determination.If the lady is identified as a minor injury level or more, Xie Mou constitutes the crime of intentional injury.If not, Xie’s criminal responsibility for provoking trouble is also possible.

Cyber supervision is a good thing. Putting the exercise of public power in the public’s vision can be supervised, which can prevent the fact that individual power is wrong.

Regarding this case, you are welcome to see the officials!

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