Pregnant women who are pregnant for six months, take a bath and cause "fetal stop".

The difficult journey of the pregnant mother in October must be experienced by every pregnant mother. No one will say what will happen in the past ten months. The only thing for pregnant mothers can do is to protect the baby and themselves as much as possible.Balanced diet to ensure good rest time.It is very important to pay attention to a lot of lightweight things. It can easily affect the healthy development of the child and even make you lose your child.Such as the problem of bathing in pregnant women!

What do pregnant mothers pay attention to when taking a bath?

1. Strictly control water temperature

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to water temperature when taking a bath, because excessive water temperature will cause certain damage to the central nervous nervous nervous of the baby. The higher the water temperature and the longer the duration, the greater the damage to the fetal baby.Control at 38 ° C is the most suitable. If it is winter, we can heat it appropriately, but cannot exceed 42 ° C.And should avoid staying in high temperature environments for a long time.

2. Should not exceed 15 minutes.

Generally, it is recommended to 5-10 minutes. Generally, the bathroom is not ventilated. At this time, the air will be turbid and humid. This will reduce the oxygen content in the air and the stimulation of hot water to expand the blood vessels of the pregnant mother.This situation has caused the blood of the mothers and placenta to enter the pregnant mother’s brain and placenta temporarily decreased, and the oxygen content will inevitably decrease, which can easily cause pregnant mothers to faint when bathing.There is also a pregnant mother who takes too long to take a bath and cause hypoxia.If the hypoxic time is too long, it will not only affect the growth and development of the nervous system, but also cause "fetal stop".

3. Don’t take a bath for the best shower

Pregnant women should avoid taking a bath, because this will cause the bacteria in the dirty water to take the opportunity and cause inflammation, which will also cause harm to the fetus.Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, bathing is absolutely prohibited to prevent premature birth.

4. The number of baths should be standardized

Pregnant mothers should take a shower, but not too frequent.It is recommended to wash it once a day when the weather is hot.When the weather is cold, you can wash it every three or four days.

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