Pregnant women who eat fruits for 5 months of pregnancy cause fetuses to die!All because of this small move

In summer, people like to put fruits, drinks, and even boiling water in the refrigerator and then take it out to eat and drink. I feel that the taste is very good, but I don’t know that there is a hidden health hazard!A few days ago, a pregnant woman who was in her 20s was about 5 months old and went to the hospital for a high fever. When the doctor checked for him, the fetal heart had been unable to detect, and the fetus had died in the abdomen.According to reports, the pregnant woman was infected with "single -core cell hyperplasia", and her infection was because she had eaten apples in the refrigerator and put it with raw meat before.

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Single -core cell hyperplasia Listel bacteria is a pathogenic bacteria that are commonly ill. It can generally exist in nature. It can grow and reproduce even in the environment of 4 ° C in the refrigerator; it can enter through eyes, damaged skin, mucosa,In the body, it is one of the most deadly food -oriented pathogens.Pregnant women, newborns, diabetes, cancer and other people with low immunity are susceptible people. If a pregnant woman is infected with the germs, the fetus can also be infected by the fetus or newborn.

In the early stage of the infection of Listee infection of single -core cells, it is generally manifested as non -specific cold -like symptoms, such as fever, chills, and muscle pain. A few people are accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms at the same time.Attach importance to symptoms such as severe high fever, muscle weakness, chaotic consciousness, and neck stiffness in the later period. In severe cases, he can repeat hemorrhoids and meningitis.

In fact, every summer, not only bacterial infections, the incidence of ordinary gastroenteritis has a tendency to rise. One is that hot weather is easy to deteriorate. On the other hand, because there are more foods stored in the refrigerator, if there is no separation treatment, it is not done.Then it is easy to cause cross -infection.Pay attention to diet hygiene to effectively prevent the occurrence of related diseases:

1. Clean the refrigerator regularly: The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly.

2. Fruits and vegetables are fully cleaned: cleaning before eating fruits and vegetables, cleaning;

3. When cooking meat and seafood, ensure cooked thoroughly: Single -core cell hyperplasia Listella is cold or hot. High -temperature cooking at 100 ° C is beneficial to kill bacteria in the meat.

4. Wash the hands, knives and cutting boards after contacting raw food: cutting boards, tools, tableware and other contacts must be cleaned after contacting raw food. It is best to prepare a set of raw food and cooked food.After grasping the things that are born with your hands, you can catch things.

There are various foods in the refrigerator all year round, and there will be some stains and debris residues, and some odors may be smelled.In order to ensure the safety of food, the refrigerator’s cleanup should also pay attention to the cleaning of the refrigerator cabinet.Here we will introduce a way to clean quickly:

1. Prepare raw materials: rags, toothbrushes, chopsticks, water, edible soda, tableware cleaner, 95%medical alcohol;

2. Power off the refrigerator, empty the food inside, and take out the partition;

3. Pour two spoons of small soda in 1L of water and mix well. Use soda water to wet the rag and wipe the inner wall of the refrigerator;

4. The refrigerator’s partition can also be wiped with soda watery cloth and then rinsed directly with faucet water;

5. There are some very narrow grooves in the refrigerator. You can use chopsticks to hold the rag, plug in the groove, and wipe the gaps in the gap from front to back;

6. The sealing strip on the refrigerator door is also easy to hide dirt. You can take a bowl of water, drop a few drops of tableware cleaner, stir well, dip the cleaning solution with a toothbrush, and wipe the sealing strip clean;

7. After completing the above steps, re -wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a clean cloth to avoid excessive baking soda solutions and detergents on the inner wall.

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