Pregnant women’s book: two weeks of pregnancy nutrition tips and should eat selected recipes and avoid eating

1. In order to ensure the normal development of the baby’s nervous system, you must eat more folic acid foods, such as cherry, peach, Li, apricot, red fruit and other fresh fruits, which are rich in folic acid. You may wish to choose according to your preferences.Each meal should try to choose two kinds of vegetables, a dish made of semi -sacrifice, and a kind of dishes that are fully vegetarian.You can also supplement the folic acid tablets in accordance with the doctor’s advice to ensure sufficient folic acid.

2. To ensure the sufficient supply of calories in diet, it is best to provide a 5116 konjiao (2200 kcal) required for normal people every day, plus 1672 kalm (400 kcal) to provide a supply of sexual life consumption.At the same time, some energy accumulation is accumulated.

Should be eaten: mainly rice, add pork and eggs.The diet during this period is related to the development of the fetus.In order to ensure the normal development of the baby’s nervous system, you must eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as cherry, peach, Li, etc., you can also replenish the folic acid tablets according to the doctor’s advice.

1. Folty acid foods: lettuce, spinach, orange, strawberry, kiwi, cherry, lemon.

2. Protein: eggs, pork lean meat, chicken, soy products, millet.

Avoid eating: Two weeks of pregnancy, avoid the following foods: foods with blood circulation and stasis, shrinking the effect of uterine effects; foods with cold and smooth alkaloid content, these foods can easily lead to threatened abortion symptoms such as leakage and abdominal pain.

1. Fruit: Longan (longan), hawthorn, lychee, almond, walnut.

2. Seafood river fresh: crab, turtle, field snails, snails, mussel meat.

Recommended recipe 1: Wolfberry corn colorful ravioli

Ingredients: 200 grams of corn grain (fresh), 10 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of oatmeal (ie), 20 grams of sweet peas, 50 grams of pineapple.


1. Wash the wolfberry and soft.

2. Peel the pineapple and carrots, and wash corn grains and peas.

3. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and add oatmeal.

4. Boil the oats until thick.

5. Add corn kernels and sweet peas.

Efficacy: Crossberry corn has a strong fragrance, sweet entrance, and beautiful color. Frequent consumption can make the skin more delicate.Rich ingredients provide multiple nutrients for women, pregnant women and mothers during pregnancy.

Recommended recipe 2: mushroom tofu shy shrimp

Ingredients: 250 grams of shrimp, 100 grams of mushrooms, 1 piece of tofu, the appropriate amount of coloring oil, the right amount of salt, a little soy sauce, a little ginger, the right amount of cooking wine, a little starch, a little water starch, a little green onion.


1. Wash the shrimp and go to the shell (do not throw it), open it from the middle of the back, remove the shrimp line, and mix the pickled shrimp and mix well.

2. Inside the pan, a little more oil, stir -fry the shrimp shell (the time should be slightly longer), until the oil in the pot becomes red, remove the fried crispy shrimp shell (fried crispy shrimp head headThe shrimp shell can be eaten, and it is also good to add calcium to the dog).

3. Put the marinated shrimp in the shrimp and red oil and stir fry until the discoloration will be flourished immediately.

4. The remaining oil stuns in the pot (if there are many oils, it can be put out of a part).

5. Pour the mushrooms into stir -fry evenly, then add tofu, add seasoning and a little water to simmer and cook.

6. Finally, put in shrimp and stir fry, use water starch to thin, and sprinkle the green onion.

Efficacy: Mushrooms can improve the body’s immunity. The effective ingredients of mushrooms can enhance the function of T lymphocytes, thereby improving the body’s immunity to resist various diseases.

Recommended recipe three: Pleurotus eryngii fry the Netherlands beans

Ingredients: 300g of Dutch beans, 1 red pepper, 300g of Pleurotus eryngii, a little onion, a little ginger, an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, a little sugar, and a little salt chicken.


1. Wash the Dutch beans.

2. Slip Pleurotus eryngii, cut red pepper.

3. Simp the Dutch beans and put them in cold water immediately.

4. Put a small amount of oil in the pot. Put ginger and onion with the oil after the oil is hot, and then add Pleurotus eryngii and red pepper pieces.

5. Add the Dutch beans with water to stir fry quickly, add salt, sugar, and soy sauce and stir -fry evenly. Finally, add chicken essence.

Efficacy: Pleurotus eryngii fried Dutch beans has a curative effect on the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, full abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea, annoying and thirst, and is a good food therapy recipe for unspeakable mothers, expectant mothers and new mothers.

Recommended recipe 4: wolfberry yam steamed cake

Ingredients: 100 grams of yam, 185 grams of rice noodles, 100 ml of milk, 1 pinch of wolfberry, 1 teaspoon of sesame, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of fructose.


1. Peel and wash the yam, cut into small pieces, and put it in a mixing machine to stir into mud.

2. Then add milk, honey, and rice noodles.

3. Stir well.

4. Pour the mixed rice noodle yam into the oil container.

5. Sprinkle wolfberry on it, put it in a steamer, and steam for 15 minutes.After the pan, sprinkle with black sesame and drizzle with fructose. It tastes better while it is hot.

Efficacy: Yam is a nourishing qi medicine, which has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and is especially suitable for pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach.

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