Pregnant women’s eczema is also peeling!These 4 expectant mothers are the most likely to suffer from eczema

Some expectant mothers will have eczema during pregnancy, which makes people worry.From this point of view, eczema is not easy to grow.So what should I do if my mother has eczema?Of course, not all expectant mothers grow eczema. Let’s take a look at which expectant mothers are prone to eczema.

1. Pregnant women with allergies: Such pregnant women can easily cause skin diseases such as eczema during pregnancy.And babies often inherit this constitution, and allergic diseases such as infant eczema and asthma occur.

2. Pregnant women with chronic infection: such as chronic cholecystitis, tonsillitis, intestinal parasites, etc.

3. Pregnant women with varicose veins: During pregnancy, due to uterine compression, some pregnant women have shallow veins in vulva, vaginal mucosa, anus, rectum, and lower limbs, and blood stasis, forming venous curvatureEssence

4. Mental stressful pregnant women: The influence of nerve mental factors during pregnancy, such as excessive anxiety and worry, can also become the fuse of eczema.

Actively prevent systemic diseases.After suffering from eczema, the first choice should find the cause, separate the allergic source, avoid re -contact, and then apply wetning cream to clear the heat and dampness, sparse wind, heat, and nourish blood and wind.Secondly, expectant mothers should treat them in time after having eczema, and they cannot be delayed.

In addition, alcoholicism and allergies, spicy and irritating foods, avoid excessive fatigue and excessive mental stress, pay attention to skin hygiene, wash the skin without hot water, and use irritating antipruritic drugs.

Pregnant women’s eczema treatment Remember that "it is good to see" pregnant women are prone to eczema, mainly because endocrine changes are changed, and the internal factors change, and it is easy to get eczema.Pregnant women are generally uncomfortable or unwilling to affect their children, and they are more careful in treatment.It is reminded that patients with eczema for pregnant women cannot be used carefully and disabled in medication.If there is no exudation in the acute stage, you can use a cooker glyphosate.If there is an exudation, you can use boric acid solution to wet.When the exudation is reduced to the subacute period, a little ointment such as glucocorticoids can be used.When the acute period is severe itching, it is recommended to add calcium and vitamin C to relieve the symptoms.Generally speaking, the eczema of pregnant women must communicate with the doctor. When used, it should be cautious. Use as little as possible.

1. Bitter gourd.The bitter gourd contains quinine.It has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying, removing dampness and itching.It can be used to treat heat poison, scabies, mules, eczema and other diseases.

2. Tomato.Tomato is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, tobaccoic acid, vitamin E; it also contains gibic acid, citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and zechidine.It has the effects of Shengjin relieving cough, healthy stomach, cooling blood, cooling liver, clearing heat, etc.The fruit acid in tomatoes has a protective effect on vitamin C, so it can effectively supplement vitamin C; tomatoine has a bacteriostatic and anti -inflammatory effect, reducing blood vessel permeability. Therefore, outer tomato juice can treat eczema to stop itching and convergence.

3. Leek.Leek contains carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium.Phosphorus, iron, protein, cellulose, etc.Leek also has the effect of detoxifying and dampness, so leek juice can cure eczema.

1. Do not eat too many seafood and spicy food to avoid stimulation and cause serious illness;

2. Maintain the cleanliness of the living environment in the home, keep the indoor temperature and humidity.The sheets, quilts, and pillow towels should be changed frequently to keep them clean.

3. Remember not to use hormone drugs. Hormone drugs are harmful and harmful to human health, and even harm the health of the fetus.

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