Pregnant women’s long -term insomnia, staying up late may be delayed, pregnant women do these, have good sleep

Contemporary young people are very rich in nightlife. Many people have the habit of staying up late.

Last time, a relative said that she had been pregnant for more than 6 months. She basically went to bed at more than 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. She was used to watching a mobile phone or chasing a TV series until she went to bed until she had supper.

In fact, staying up late itself is a bad habit of living, and it is very damaged to the body.What’s more, it is still a pregnant woman, you should go to bed early and get up early!Let ’s take a look at the impact of pregnant women to stay up late. I hope to give pregnant mothers a little warm reminder:

1. Pregnant woman staying up late, the baby’s chance of suffering from eyelid drooping is very high: the reason for the sagging of the newborn’s eyelids has not been concluded, but TCM believes that this has a lot to do with expectant mothers to stay up late for a long time. Nine expectant mothers in ten children areI have the habit of staying up late, so I hope that pregnant mothers should pay attention to staying up late or not staying up late.

2. Stay up late, the newborn loves to cry: The fetus can perceive the day and night in the stomach of the prospective mother. If the pregnant mother stays up late, the baby will be uneasy in the belly, because it affects the baby’s biological clock and will treat the babySleep habits after birth have adverse effects.

3. Pregnant women’s staying up late affects health: early pregnancy is a period of major organs of the fetus. If the expectant mother stays up late, it will hurt the body, which will easily lead to endocrine disorders and affect metabolism.The healthy and normal development of the fetus can cause abortion or premature birth.So don’t stay up late, don’t wait for the situation to be serious before you think of recovery. At that time, you may regret it too late.

Therefore, for the health of the fetus in the stomach, pregnant mothers must correct the habit of staying up late, and eating and sleeping every day is the best for themselves and the fetus.

The above is the situation where pregnant mothers take the initiative to stay up late, and there is a situation where pregnant mothers stay passively to stay up late.Because they are not going to stay up late, they want to sleep and can’t sleep, or sleep unbeatable when they fall asleep, my neighbor Qingqing belongs to this situation.Let’s analyze why some pregnant mothers can’t sleep or sleep unstable.

During the pregnancy, as the fetus becomes larger day by day, the body of the pregnant mother is afforded with extra burdens.Coupled with the influence of hormone changes in the body, the pregnant mother will become particularly fatigue. Some pregnant mothers often feel dizzy and weak, and they can’t sleep or sleep at night.

For this sleep state, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. As long as you adjust the daily life and rest, do not do too many things, pay as much attention, go to bed early, and sleep, so as to be conducive to the growth of the fetus.

So, how can we alleviate the state of unstable sleep during pregnancy?

1. As the uterus and fetus increase, the sleeping position of pregnant mothers is also important.Pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy should pay attention to protecting the abdomen and reduce the compression of the uterus. The pregnant mother can sleep in the left side position.

2. Do not eat too much dinner for pregnant mothers. It ’s enough to eat seven or eight layers, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach and affect sleep.You can listen to some more relaxed music before going to bed, which helps to appease bad emotions and help promote sleep.

3. If pregnant mothers have symptoms of insomnia, do not be irritable. You can turn over the books you usually like to read or soak a cup of hot milk to drink, keep your mind peaceful, relax, and soon come.I wish pregnant mothers a good sleep!

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