Pregnant women’s makeup cause fetal deformity?Listen to what the experts say!

Beauty is the nature of women, and makeup is also the most important beautiful means of women.But for many women, whether you can make up after pregnancy have become a very tangled thing. When you make up, listen to others that cosmetics will cause fetal malformations. It feels that you are not beautiful enough to go out without makeup.For example, a patient with Dr. Yang Ruiqing encountered such a problem:

Xiaomei is a girl who pays great attention to dressing. She is often dressed beautifully. As long as she goes out, she has to get heavy makeup. She also often dyes her hair into various colors. Recently, Xiaomeigang found that she was pregnant and just caught up with her classmates.At the party, she was going to take care of the beauty salon. Just when her mother -in -law heard it, she quickly dissuaded her and said, "Don’t! Don’t!It will also cause fetal malformations! ", This hearing scared Xiaomei, so he called and asked Dr. Yang Ruiqing.

Among the pregnant women who have admitted to the Maternal and Children’s Outpatient Clinics, there are indeed many pregnant women and mothers who often come to consult. I believe that Xiaomei pays attention to the problem. It is also a common concern for pregnant mothers."Poisoning" will affect the development of the fetus. After they ask the questions, they will say, "Pregnant women are not good for makeup, so why do many stars frequently have to bring makeup ‘when they become prospective mothers?" Today, Dr. Yang Ruiqing willThe question of "can you make makeup" and share with you.

Doctor Yang Ruiqing answered questions: Can I use makeup after pregnancy?

First of all, answer, you can use cosmetics after pregnancy, but pay attention to some questions:

According to the provisions of my country’s "Cosmetics Sanitation Specifications", no one in cosmetics may add keratin with corticosteroids, heavy metals, antibiotics, or high concentrations.However, some inferior cosmetics still add some harmful ingredients, so you must choose regular cosmetics when choosing cosmetics, so that there is a security guarantee.Don’t use it again!

Doctor Yang Ruiqing answered questions 2: What should pregnant women pay attention to skin care products?

Regarding cosmetics, everyone is most commonly used in skin care products. If you want to choose skin care products, expectant mothers can choose such safety ingredients: high:

Skin care products of Vaselin, wool, vitamin C, and vitamin E are relatively safe. Cosmetics without spices, pigment -free, and inductive sensitivity anti -preservatives with a single ingredient are safer.

Be sure to stay away from these unsafe ingredients: salicylic acid, vitamin A, fruit acid, spices, essential oil skin care products.

Makeup can make you look more beautiful, and selfie is more confident. When you use it, pay attention to avoid cosmetics containing lead and mercury. Trust and reliable brands. If you feel uncomfortable or allergic, you must stop using it.

Under normal circumstances, it can be made up during pregnancy. Of course, the premise is to choose cosmetics such as alcoholic, hormone, heavy metals, mineral oils, chemicals, and chemical flavors, especially products that are far from mercury -containing products."Try to choose organic, pure plants to ensure safe cosmetics, and it is best to light makeup, don’t melt too thick makeup."

Doctor Yang Ruiqing answered questions three: Is the cosmetics extracted from plants?

At first glance, it feels that the natural plants are very safe, but they are actually wrong!Pregnant women should avoid plant extraction skin care products, because plant extracts usually mean purity difference, many impurities, easy to cause allergies, and potential threats.

Doctor Yang Ruiqing answered question 4: Can you still use lipstick?

Doctor Yang Ruiqing wants to remind everyone that whether it is lipstick, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip frozen, lipstick, it is composed of various oils, waxes, pigments and spices.Its chemicals will have a certain impact on the human body. Among them, toxic, harmful substances, and bacteria and viruses can also threaten the fetus through the placenta, which is not good for fetal studies.The red powder called acidic eosin can damage the genetic information of people, and some can cause fetal distortion. Some people may think that lip balm does not contain pigment, and it should be assured to use it. In fact, it is not.The fat in the lip balm is mainly wool fat. Although it is natural animal fat, it has strong adsorption. It can absorb all kinds of heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air.Waiting for microorganisms to pose a threat to fetal health through placenta.After applying lipstick or lipstick, drink water, eat or speak, saliva is easy to enter the body as saliva, which may adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, it is best to use lipstick during pregnancy.

Having said that, those mothers with dry lips are anxious.Dr. Yang Ruiqing suggested that pregnant mothers can be a lip SPA. It is recommended that expectant mothers usually use natural vitamin E, olive oil or honey to moisturize their lips, and apply a layer of plastic wrap to make a lip SPA!In winter, when you go out and you are afraid of drying, you can wear a mask to keep the temperature and humidity of the lips.

In the end, Dr. Yang Ruiqing summarized the precautions of makeup during pregnancy, hoping to help everyone:

For some women, it feels very uncomfortable without makeup. So for those expectant mothers who really need or want to make up during pregnancy, in addition to avoiding hormones, copper, mercury, lead, etc. in the choice of cosmeticsIn addition to the cosmetics of heavy metals, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Makeup during pregnancy should not be too heavy, and makeup should be reduced as much as possible;

2. Try not to apply redness as much as possible. If you do need it, you should also pay attention to cleaning as much as possible when drinking water or eating, so as not to enter the mother’s body;

3. Do not perm and dye hair during pregnancy.This is because the chemical composition in hair dye, especially inferior hair dye may increase the exposure of adverse contact.Moreover, some women will become more fragile during pregnancy, and perm can easily cause hair loss.In addition, hair dyeing and perm may cause allergic reactions;

4. During pregnancy, do not use functional skin care products such as freckle, whitening, and try to choose mild skin care products;

5. If you make makeup, you must be thoroughly removed to prevent pigmentation.

Doctor Yang Ruiqing concluded a warm conclusion

Beauty is a woman’s nature. Although makeup can make women more beautiful, in a special time of pregnancy, it can still be not elaborated. Fruit can choose some genuine and safe skin care products.Of course, in addition to cosmetics, you may also improve skin texture by diet, such as eating more fruits and green vegetables.The complexion of a good person is naturally good, and it has great benefits to the development of the fetus, and naturally it is glowing, so everyone should not hurt my appearance too much.IntersectionFinally, I wish you all a healthy and smart baby!

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