Pregnant women’s steamed sauna may hurt these types of people in these types of people should not steam sauna

In the past few days, Chongqing has a low temperature, and it is a very good way to relax about a few friends from get off work.Salva can help the human body to lose weight, detoxify and face, and be loved by many young people and middle -aged people.So, can pregnant women steam sauna?What harm will pregnant women steam sauna?Let’s understand together.

◆ Pregnant women steaming sauna can easily bring these harms

1. High temperature affects the fetal hearing power

The first three months of pregnancy of pregnant women is a critical period for the development of the fetal hearing organ cells, and the fetus is more sensitive to thermal radiation. The thermal radiation of the sauna easily causes damage to its hearing organ.

2. High temperature environment is easy to make fetal deformity

Warm can promote the body’s metabolism, but for mothers, if they are in a high temperature state for a long time, they cannot heat dissipation, which may cause fetal malformations.This is because the fetus has not yet taken shape in the early stages of pregnancy, and the embryo is not stable in the uterine wall. If the expectant mothers make the temperature inside the body higher than 38.9 ° C, it will cause the embryo internal chromosome to break or the fetal brain nervous system defect (such as non -cerebral disease).Essence

3. Sauna bath easily makes pregnant women slip

If the sauna room air does not circulate, it does not say, and the continuous high temperature will cause a sense of dizziness. In addition, sometimes there will be fog in the sauna room, and the ground is very slippery after bathing, which can easily cause the prospective mother to slip.For ethics, sliding sometimes means abortion and other conditions, so you should still go to sauna houses such as sauna houses that are easy to slide.

4. High temperature changes in blood pressure and heart rate of pregnant women

The temperature of the sauna bath is high. When people are steamed, high temperatures will expand blood vessels.For expectant mothers, steamed sauna will increase the temperature of the uterus, and their blood capacity will increase by 20%to 30%. At the same time, the circulation of a large number of sweats is accelerated, and the heart rate will speed up about 15 times per minute. The blood pressure will follow the blood pressure.There will also be higher.The above reactions are not good for the mother and the fetus.

◆ Reminder: These people should not steam sauna

1. Patients with heart disease

During steaming sauna, due to the large physical consumption, the blood circulation intensifies, which increases the load of the heart, it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply and heart failure.

2. Patients with cerebral thrombosis or hypertension

Due to the strong heat stimulation of the outside, the blood flow in the human body will accelerate, and the pressure of blood to blood vessels will increase sharply. When the blood flows through some local lesions, it is easy to cause blood vessel rupture and accident.

3. Patients with epilepsy

Because they are usually related to the hypoxia or some operating mechanisms in the body when they become ill, and when steaming sauna, a large amount of water vapor is inhaled into the body, which reduces the oxygen content in the body.Disordering can easily induce seizures.

4. Drinkler

After drinking a large amount of alcohol, the dominance of the brain nervous system decreases significantly.At this time, if you take a bath immediately, under the action of alcohol, it will not only form a larger amount of sweats to cause water loss and collapse, but also easily cause nervous system disorders and accidents.

5. People with weak constitution

The elderly and the first healing of the elderly and the child who are weak and the children should not be steamed sauna.( sorted)

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