pregnant!What should I do if I do n’t eat folic acid in advance?Will the baby develop well because of this?

Many mothers are pregnant unexpectedly. After surprise, there are always frightening: "Isn’t it necessary to eat folic acid 3 months in advance? Some people are eating folic acid in half a year in advance.What to do?

The role of folic acid is to prevent congenital defects caused by dysplasia due to dysplasia.

A random control test prompts that 400 micrograms of folic acid daily from 3 months to 12 weeks before pregnancy can reduce the risk of fetal neuro malformation (such as spinal bales) by 72%.

Taking the first three months can make the mother’s body have sufficient amount of folic acid. If it is not taken, it may not cause all the fetal development.

Many gynecologists and gynecologists have a general point of view: if pregnant women have improper behavior in the early stages of pregnancy, the impact on the fetus during the first month of pregnancy is "all" or "none".What does that mean?

That is, if the baby is aborted in the first month, it is the poor quality of the embryo, which is a survival of the fittest;

If there is no adverse effects in the first month, there is not a big problem.

The eugenics and preferences done by medical staff are mainly based on the factors that can avoid the growth of children’s growth and development.

The fetal nervous system began to develop in the first month of pregnancy, that is, the baby has begun to develop when you don’t know that you are pregnant.

Therefore, in addition to supplementing folic acid before pregnancy, it needs to be supplemented throughout pregnancy.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the increase in the synthesis of the baby’s DNA, the increase in placenta, mother tissue, and red blood cells have greatly increased your needs for folic acid.

Therefore, even if the baby’s nervous system has been developed in the early pregnancy, the lack of folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy will still cause giant red blood cell anemia, signsonia, and premature placenta.Men take it to determine that women are pregnant.

Please take it immediately until 12 weeks of pregnancy and the fetus in the abdomen will not develop abnormal.

If you take other drugs in the early or before pregnancy:

Without abortion within one month of menstruation, there is no major if there is no abortion.

At the same time, folic acid can also be supplemented by foods such as beans, spinach, tomatoes, etc., but folic acid is unstable when it encounters light and heat. It is easy to lose due to heating in the cooking process.4 times higher, the supply obtained from the diet can only be regarded as a spear.Therefore, the problem must be solved by adding 0.4mg Sli acid follicle tablets.

I am Dr. Wu, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Chengdu Monova Women’s and Children’s Hospital. If you have any other problems, please leave a message for consultation.

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