Preparation of pregnancy: Why don’t you get pregnant with ovulation

Everyone knows that pregnancy requires sperm and eggs to be combined into fertilized eggs, and sperm is easy to obtain, and eggs will only be lined up once a month, so you must grasp it.

However, some couples found that they have mastered the laws of ovulation and are also in the same room during ovulation, but they still have no pregnancy. Why are you not pregnant?In fact, ovulation does not necessarily get pregnant.

Why don’t you get pregnant with ovulation?

Pregnancy is a complex physiological process. If you want to get pregnant, you must first have normal ovulation and have the same room during ovulation.If you have ovulation or you are not pregnant, it is related to other factors.

1. Eggs are unhealthy

If women have normal ovulation, they can be discharged on time, and they are also in the same room during ovulation. If they are not pregnant, it may be caused by the unhealthy eggs or insufficient egg maturity, which will cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine normally.

2. Sperm is abnormal

If the problem is not on the egg, it may also be a sperm problem.Men’s sperm is insufficient vitality, or dead sperm, no sperm, etc., can also cause sperm eggs to be unable to combine normally, resulting in inaccurate pregnancy.

3. Reproductive organs

If women suffer from congenital vaginal malformations, vaginal narrowing and other reproductive organs such as congenital abnormalities, or inconsistent reproductive organ disease, it will also cause the normal function of the reproductive tract, cause the reproductive tract blockage, Cannot be combined with eggs, causing infertility.

4. Volual tubal problems

Infertility caused by tubal tubes is one of the important causes of infertility, and it is also the most common clinical.Female fallopian tubes are blocked, water accumulation, adhesion, or abnormal tubal deformities and abnormal peristalsis. These will affect the normal combination of sperm and eggs, hinder the normal operation of sperm, and cause infertility.

5. Immune factors

There are anti -sperm antibodies in women’s reproductive tracts or serum, causing sperm to condense each other, lose vitality or death, which leads to infertility.In addition, some women have antibody -like substances to their own eggs, which can prevent sperm from perfusion of the eggs.

I do n’t necessarily get pregnant during ovulation during ovulation during ovulation


1. After the sperm is excreted in vitro, the vaginal survival time is 0.5-2.5 hours, the cervix is 48 hours, the uterus is 24 hours, and the fallopian tube is 48 hours. The survival time of the fallopian tube after the eggs is 12-16 hours.If you just miss the time of ovulation, you may lose the chance of pregnancy.

2. In fact, the mentality is also very important. Some couples are anxious to get pregnant and even become anxious. In fact, this is not easy to get pregnant.If you can relax your mentality, arrange the same room time, supplement nutrition, and pay attention to exercise, then you may be pregnant.

3. Some husbands and wives believe that increasing the number of times the same room can increase the chance of pregnancy. In fact, the number of times in the same room is too frequent, which will lead to a decrease in the number of sperm, decreased quality, and even immature sperm development, so it is not easy to get pregnant.Only by conducting laws can ensure the number and quality of the sperm, so that it is easier to get pregnant.

4. Of course, too few times in the same room will also affect pregnancy. It will cause less opportunities for sperm and eggs to meet, and this sperm quality is not high or aging, which is not conducive to pregnancy. In addition, the posture of the same room is also pregnant for pregnancy.influential.

In general, pregnancy is not enough ovulation. It is not a matter of women alone, but also related to male sperm and male and female diseases.If there is normal ovulation and in the same room during ovulation, but if you have not been pregnant, it is recommended to bring the man to the hospital in time for a detailed examination to see where the problem is, and then treat it symptomatically.

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