Preparatory mothers have to know about the prevention and treatment of diseases in the middle of pregnancy

Since the upgrade of women into expectant mothers, they have been cautious in daily work and diet.However, even if they are very careful, there are still many pregnant mothers due to physical fitness.For this reason, how to prevent and control the disease in the middle of pregnancy has become what most pregnant mothers want to know.Then today’s article will mention some diseases that may occur during pregnancy and give corresponding preventive measures.Moms can rest assured for reference.

1. High blood sugar

Pregnant mothers enter the middle of pregnancy. Because the fetus needs to grow rapidly, the appetite of pregnant mothers will become very large.Some pregnant mothers are easy to have unreasonable diet structure, resulting in hyperglycemia during pregnancy.This situation will not only affect the health of pregnant mothers, but also hinder the healthy growth of the fetus.Therefore, the first one of the prevention and treatment of diseases in the middle of pregnancy is to prevent hyperglycemia.The following is a specific method of preventing and treating hyperglycemia. Pregnant mothers can rest assured for reference.

1. Eat more grains (low -thermal foods), strictly restrict pure sugar products such as honey, syrup, maltose, and desserts with high sugar content

2. Eat less meals and supplement dietary fiber. Do not eat more blindly in order to supplement nutrition. Do not use fruit as the main meal.

3. Inject insulin

4. It should be mainly based on no medicine, no side effects, and living habits of all day. Simple walking every day outdoors and breathing fresh air; ensuring sufficient sleep, daily schedules should be roughly the same, which can significantly improve the status of blood sugar in the body.Essence

2. Cold

After women enter their pregnancy, their bodies will be greatly affected by hormones, and their body immunity will decrease.Therefore, in the middle of pregnancy, the symptoms of colds often appear in pregnant mothers.Then the specific method of preventing and controlling this in the middle of pregnancy is as follows:

1. Washing your hands frequently, be careful not to touch your face with dirty hands

2. Don’t go to the air circulation, and there are dense personnel, avoid contact with cold personnel

3. Mild cold pregnant women, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, keep warm, oral cold and heat -clearing granules or plate Lantan granules

4. Those who have a high fever in a heavy cold. In addition to general treatment, the body temperature should be controlled as soon as possible, and the physical cooling method can be used

5. The fever is more than 39 degrees. When a pregnant woman who has a cold does not cough for a long time, she will win the medical treatment in time.

Third, constipation

It is understood that after women enter the middle of pregnancy, as the fetus continues to increase, the amount of food intake will increase.In addition, pregnant mothers do not perform any exercise in the middle of pregnancy.Therefore, it is easy to push the food in the body, causing constipation.Therefore, the method of preventing and controlling constipation in the middle of pregnancy is as follows: as follows:

1. Eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains with more cellulose, and eat spicy cautiously

2. Time to row in the morning, drink a cup of cold water or honey water on an empty stomach, and eat breakfast before promoting the upright reflection and gastrointestinal reflection after getting up.

3. Drink more water

4. Adhere to the body every day (moderate exercise can enhance the abdominal muscle contraction of pregnant women, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent or reduce constipation)

The above are three common methods of disease prevention and control in the middle of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can refer to use during pregnancy.

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