Prepare pregnancy and you can’t conceive. See if men often eat 5 types of "killing food"

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Preparation of pregnancy seems to be a woman’s affairs. Women should eat folic acid three months in advance when preparing for pregnancy, and adjust their bodies. After all, children are pregnant, but the child is the crystallization of the love of the father and mother.Get a sperm, the mother gets an egg, and finally forms a fertilized egg. She grows up in her mother’s uterus and grows up slowly.”Zero plan”

Although most of the time grows in the mother’s body, the quality of this sperm of Dad is also very important. If the quality of the father’s sperm is not good, it will also affect the conception, and it will even affect the health of the fetus!

Therefore, the prospective dad also needs to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not pregnant when preparing for pregnancy, the mother pays great attention to health and nutrition, and there is no problem in all aspects. It is likely that the prospective father does not pay attention.

Huang Bin has been married for three years and is ready to have children with his wife, but he is a salesman who often needs entertainment outside. Although he does not smoke, he often drinks and eats big fish with customers.Class food, so I can’t get pregnant for more than a year!

The couple went to the hospital to check that there was no problem with their bodies!

And Huang Bin’s wife was also very anxious. He talked with his second child’s girlfriend and talked about this topic. The girlfriend of the second child said that preparing for pregnancy is a matter of two people. You can see if your husband is wrong!

Mian Mian quickly went to find this knowledge on the Internet. As a result, I really found the reason why she couldn’t conceive, because her husband often entertaining drinking, eating barbecue and fried food.

A doctor mentioned the food that killed sperm, among which alcohol, grilling, and fried food were the first!

Mian Mian mentioned this with her husband. Huang Bin subconsciously did not eat barbecue -fried foods subconsciously. When entertainment, he told others that he was preparing for pregnancy.Manded in children!

It seems that preparing for pregnancy is not just a mother who pays attention to diet, but also the prospective dad also avoid eating and killing food frequently!

1 type: alcohol

Alcohol is the most common sperm killer. It can not only kill germ cells directly, but also inhibit the secretion of testosterone.

In other words, the activity of sperm after drinking decreases, and the amount of sperm secretion is reduced, which will make it difficult to conceive children!

In addition, alcohol can also induce prostatitis, leading to an increased malformation rate of sperm, which will not only affect conception, but even if you are pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage, or there is a problem with the growth and development of your baby.

Second type: barbecue

Barbecue foods may not be cooked, and raw meat foods will contain parasites!

There will also be a large number of AI objects in barbecue, which affects the health of the body and affects the quality of sperm.

Third type: fried food

Various fried ribs, fritters or fried steamed buns, or when going out to eat, the fried fish is really fragrant, but in fact, the fat content is very high.Obesity, and excessive fat cells in the body can also affect the activity of sperm.

4th type: celery

Celery is a kind of food with high dietary fiber, but men recommend eating less celery when preparing for pregnancy.Because some studies have found that celery has the effect of inhibiting testosterone, testosterone production is reduced, and sperm generation will be reduced!

5th: Soy Products

Soybeans, black beans, tofu, soy milk, etc. made soy products made of soybeans, which will contain plant hormones. Women drinking can make their skin better, but men often eat soy products can cause excessive estrogen intake, or it may also be possible.It will lead to a reduction in the number of sperm, and even cause erectile dysfunction to affect conception.

Therefore, when the prospective dad is preparing for pregnancy, in addition to quit smoking and alcohol, you must also eat less greasy foods, eat less celery, and eat less as much as possible to make the quality of the sperm better.The activity is stronger and easier to conceive.

When preparing for pregnancy, it is not only related to eating, but also related to our daily life. We must understand the ovulation period. If we want to conceive a healthy child, we need to know a lot of knowledge.

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