Primary three born two illegitimate children do not want money and do not ask for superiors. How should such a small three be separated?

Some time ago, Ms. Zou and Lan Fang, who came to consult, talked about her situation.

Ms. Zou and her husband have been married for more than 20 years.

Then get along with each other for a while, the two sides are satisfied, and the two people will directly obtain the wedding without any problems.

Ms. Zou and her husband are such a marriage model, so there is really no love between the two people.

But no love does not mean that you don’t care about your husband’s derailment.

When Ms. Zou found her husband derailed a woman under 30 years old, her mood also collapsed.

And it has been derailed for nearly ten years, and two people have two illegitimate daughters.

This woman used a nanny at Ms. Zou’s neighbor’s house. Because she often bought food together, she was more familiar.

At that time, the Primary Three also sipped a aunt, and the uncle called Ms. Zou and her husband,

Ms. Zou was still emotional at the time. If her daughter can buy food with herself every day like this babysitter,

As a result, I did not expect that this nanny became the primary three of her husband, and she accompanied her husband to buy food every day.

Maybe many people don’t understand why Ms. Zou does not divorce?

To be honest, most of the original match that encountered derailment and not divorced is not because it is difficult to give up emotionally.

Not all marriage must be maintained by love, nor is it that you will divorce without love and derailment.

Like Ms. Zou, the old husband and wife have no love, but the relationship of many years is still there.

When I was young, I have suffered from the relationship between difficulties together. I have taken care of each other for many years, and I have giving birth to the feelings of the two girls.

These are why Ms. Zou doesn’t want to divorce. Of course, this primary three has not made any superior moves.

Why does Ms. Zou want to separate Primary Three?

Because Ms. Zou is afraid of her husband’s derailment and an illegitimate child, it is known by others,

A pair of children affecting their children, and they are also afraid that Xiao San’s illegitimate children will grab property with their children.

I asked Ms. Zou why I don’t worry about Xiao San’s top?

Ms. Zou told me that Primary Three and her told her that they did not ask for their name not to ask for money, but they had to be with Ms. Zou’s husband. The two were true love.

I am very surprised to ask Ms. Zou, do you actually believe in such a speech?

Ms. Zou thinks that if Xiaosan wants to be in place, it is an opportunity for the upper palace when she was pregnant and having children.

She missed so many opportunities, so she must not want to go to position.

I told Ms. Zou that she was too naive.

This situation like Ms. Zou, and the situation of Primary Three, it is impossible for Primary Three to ask for the superiority and only ask for true love.

When Xiaosan and Ms. Zou’s husband were together, this derailed man was already in his forties.

And Ms. Zou’s husband is not the kind of uncle who is very well -maintained. He is a real old man.

Primary Three is a divorced woman who has suffered a failed marriage. No one has no ability, and even no residence.

So I used to make a nanny for the lonely old man at Ms. Zou’s neighbor’s house. Later, her husband Zou developed into a lover.

Primary three no longer became a nanny, and began to be a lover for Ms. Zou’s husband.

And she gave birth to two daughters successively. Before Ms. Zou discovered that Primary Three had no behavior of forcing the palace.

Because Ms. Zou has always been faint with her husband, I didn’t find any changes in her husband to herself.

That Ms. Zou will believe that Xiao San is a lie that does not seek money or names or wants to be superior.

The situation I helped Ms. Zou analyzed was that Primary Three did not want to be superior, but had not accumulated enough capital capital.

Why does Lanfang (xuanyi586) analyzed this way, because the area where Ms. Zou is located is a well -known male and light girl,

The concept of people in this area is to have a son who has a son to take over. Each family must have a boy.

Ms. Zou, Ms. Zou’s husband and Primary Three are all natives of natives. They are all in this concept.

So why did Xiao San give birth to two children and did not force the palace upper position, because Xiaosan was born with two daughters.

Compared with Ms. Zou, who is a child, Primary Three is obviously not enough capital, and Primary Three is very clear that she cannot succeed.

But Primary Three is still young. If Ms. Zou is not separated in time, then Xiaosan will regenerate a son, Xiaosan,

Then Xiaosan will definitely seek the superior by his son. At that time, Ms. Zou was likely to be caught by Xiao San.

And for such a long time, Xiao San is not only a child, but also makes various upper position preparations.

For example, the relationship between Ms. Zou Zou and a derailed man, such as shaping people who are only for emotions, etc.

Let the derailed man completely biased towards himself. At that time, as long as Xiao San gave birth to the next boy, the upper position must be successful.

Ms. Zou is loved by Xiao San for love.

Not just Ms. Zou alone, there are too many original matters in the case I have dealt with.

Xiao San is here to grab your man. Do you still think people are for love?It’s not an example.

Most of them can be a primary three for many years, and those who have endured the rejuvenation are very deep.

Because their own conditions are relatively poor, and the advantages of the original match are obvious, they dare not expose their purpose easily.

The upper position can benefit from being too great, so they are willing to spend ten years or even more time planning.

In the face of this kind of primary three, what the original match needs to do is, when you have an advantage,

Quick knife is separated from Primary Three, and does not give Primary Three opportunities to build an advantage.

For example, Ms. Zou’s situation, the two illegitimate women have become a foregone conclusion, and the long -term derailed men have become accustomed to such a pattern.

Ms. Zou must build her absolute advantage, such as the economic advantage of the family,

Another example is a derailed man who cares more about his son. If the divorce son will not be with the derailed man, it will be very beneficial to Ms. Zou.

Moreover, Ms. Zou must immediately separate Xiao San, so that Xiao San did not have the opportunity to re -establish his son to build his advantage.

To be honest, men are very realistic.

Similarly, they will not give up the family and his son that he values because of the gentle consideration in the past three years.

Even Ms. Zou’s husband, because a son’s divorce must be with the mother’s surname, and even her illegitimate daughter can not care.

In the end, Ms. Zou came forward and pretended to negotiate with Primary Three.

Later, Xiaosan and illegitimate daughter everything was dealt with by Ms. Zou, and her husband successfully returned to the family.

Finally, summarize this case of Ms. Zou.

But to be honest, this situation of Ms. Zou and her husband can not last long. Her husband still has the risk of derailment.

I also recommend Ms. Zou to learn some psychological knowledge to occupy the dominance.

At present, Ms. Zou is still studying with the instructor, and it is not missed. Coping his husband is more and more handy.

And there are too many original matches like Ms. Zou, Lanfang hopes that you will consider your own situation.

And the future of your child, separate the primary three as soon as possible, and master the initiative of marriage relationship to prevent second derailment.

If you ca n’t make a decision or encounter any difficulties, you can directly ask Blue Fang to seek help.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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