Professional Yueyu sharing the principle of diet and diet in the first week after delivery

The new mother has just given birth to a baby, and her body is very weak, and the nutritional loss is fast. A reasonable meal is required to help the body recover. The scientific diet in the first week of postpartum is the key. Do not listen to the traditional confinement customs, which will only be counterproductive.Pomelo Ma Pomelo Professional Yue Xun pointed out that the focus of diet in the first week of postpartum is appetizing rather than nourishing, with a good appetite, so as to eat it, and the absorption will be good.Today I will share with you the diet principle of the first week of postpartum.

First, the diet is mainly light

Qing is to remove excess water, excrete the dew in the body, clear the intestines and laxatives, strengthen the spleen, appetite, milk, milk, etc., mainly metabolism and detoxification.In the late pregnancy, a large amount of water and sodium stored in pregnant women will be discharged with childbirth. It is a natural physiological response as a natural physiological response.Therefore, the mother needs a light diet to clean the water sodium in the body, such as sesame oil pork liver, fish soup, biochemical soup, glutinous rice porridge, etc.If the family does not understand, they will think that the mother is false, so they will make up for a special supplement.In this way, it is actually increasing the burden on the mother’s kidney, which will affect the body drainage and dew.New mothers with cesarean section should avoid seafood such as shrimp and shells at this stage.

Second, appetizing rather than nourishing

No matter what kind of childbirth method, the new mother will feel weak and have poor appetite in the first few days when they have just produced.If you forcibly add heavy and greasy "replenishment" at this time will only make your appetite more decline.In the first week of production, you can eat light foods, such as lean beef, chicken, fish, etc., fry with vegetables, refreshing taste and balanced nutrition.Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, etc. also have appetizers.

Third, eat the first meal after giving birth

The level of hormone in the body after childbirth has greatly reduced, and the body is excessively exhausting blood loss. In this case, it is easy to be attacked by the disease.Therefore, the diet of the new mother’s "postpartum first meal" is very important. After eating the "postpartum first meal", the real postpartum nutritional supplement can begin.The first meals of the first birth should be preferred to digest and nutritious liquid foods, such as porridge and soft noodles.

The postpartum confinement is suffering from experienced, and usually everyone will consider finding a reliable moon to take care of the confinement.Yueyue’s work is the nature of nanny, nurses, chefs, and early teachers. In the work, he must bring the most scientific help of mothers and infants with hard work and professional skills in his work.The Yueyue Yueyue of the Pomelo Mom Pomelo Yueyue Center has an authoritative institution training certificate and has a corresponding level of assessment.At least six years of experience or care of about 50 newborns.Prevent common diseases during puzzle, and be proficient in the production skills of confinement meals.It is the best choice for you to find Yueyue after giving birth.

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