Put the orange in the pot and steam it for a while.

I really never expected that putting oranges in a steamer steaming and steaming can make such delicious food.Let’s take a look at how to make it with my article.

First, buy some sugar orange in the supermarket. This orange is sweet and delicious. It has little sour taste and a lot of water. Remove all the leaves and stalks above.Today I only use oranges. This year’s sugar orange seems more expensive than in previous years, 15 yuan for eight pounds.After buying the oranges and leaves on it, you need to clean it. When cleaning, you can put some edible salt into the water, and then put some edible alkali, so that the orange epidermis can be cleaned more clean.

In the process of transportation, oranges are inevitable to bump. Other oranges are damaged, and the juice flows to other oranges, and it will have a sticky feel.Wash the epidermis of the oranges and avoid bringing the dirty things and bacteria into the orange flesh when peeling the orange.After the first dirty water is poured, then put it in water and rinse it. After rinse, remove the orange and put it in the steamer in the steamer.

There are many nutrients in oranges, including vitamins, trace elements, mineral elements, and many dietary fiber.In addition to oranges, there are actually a lot of nutrients in the orange peel, including its oil, which contains very rich aromatic essential oils.This orange peel was dry, fermented, and fermented.

After putting all oranges into the steamer, put it on the steamer, and steam it for five minutes on high heat, so that the nutrients in the orange peel can penetrate into the orange meat.After steaming, pinch the oranges with a small clip, then dry it for two or three minutes, and dry it until it is warm and not hot.

Taking this time, prepare a baking sheet and spread tin foil in the baking tray.After spreading it, put it aside for a small plate, prepare a small plate, and put 60 grams of yellow rock sugar in it. There is no yellow rock sugar in the family.

When the oranges are warm and not hot, peel the orange peel, because it has been washed in advance to add high temperature steaming, so when peeling oranges, you don’t have to worry about the flesh that will be polluted inside.Dipping the oranges gently, you will find that it smells more fragrant than eating oranges directly. The gentle orange can be eaten directly at this time, sweeter and better.

But today I want to share with you another new way of eating. Many friends have not even seen this kind of way of eating. They have peeled all the oranges, and the orange peel is aside.Nine -sun -stored, you can also keep stew, stir -fry, or make tea.

After the oranges are peeled, divide it into a petal.The white orange over above can be removed if you don’t like it.Many people don’t like orange collaboration because it has a slight bitterness, but this kind of orange itself is also a medicinal material, so it is recommended that you still keep the white orange collateral when eating oranges.Through all oranges into one petal, the larger white substance on it can peel it off, and then peel it and put them in a plate.

Then prepare a mouth of the pot, pour about 50 ml of water into the pot, put the prepared yellow rock sugar in the pot, slowly stir -fry the low heat, and fry the sugar completely until melted.At the beginning, the sugar liquid was turbid, and it slowly became transparent. After that, it was very thick and delicate small bubbles. When the foam slowly became more and more. After pulling it, these sugar could be connected to silk.The state is fine.

After frying, pour the oranges into the sugar solution, stir it with a shovel, and stir it for a long time.After mixing, use chopsticks to clamp these oranges one by one, place them on the tin foil tray, put it on the side for a few minutes, cool the orange, let the sugar above it completely cool, form a hard, hard, crunchyThe sugar shell, this taste is very much like the rock sugar gourd that is eaten outside in winter. Worried about it slowly, you can also put the tray directly in the freezer in the refrigerator. In this wayJust go.

Such oranges are sweet and sour, especially delicious, and there will be a layer of hard sugar shell outside. The outside is relatively crispy, soft and tender inside, full of orange fragrance.The oranges in autumn and winter are listed in large quantities. Eating it directly is already tired. You may wish to try this method. It is simple and easy to do and delicious.

In addition to oranges, many fruits can be used in the same way like apples, pears, hawthorn, kiwi, and many fruits can also find a small bamboo stick to make these fruits.Then dip in the sugar liquid. After cooling, these sugar will be solidified into a sugar shell, which is good -looking and delicious. You don’t have to go out to spend money to buy rock sugar gourds.

Well, today’s new approach to this oranges will be shared with you here. Don’t forget to like the collection, add a attention, thank you for watching, let’s see you next time.

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