Quanzhou: The "gender" of two consecutive births of couples is difficult to distinguish, but helplessness to seek medical treatment

The coming of a small life is self -evident to the importance of the family. However, in Quanzhou, Fujian, Dad Huang is extremely puzzled, because he does not know that he is born to a young life at all. Is he a son or a daughter?

At the beginning, although Dad Huang was also very puzzled, the family conditions did not allow him to take the child for comprehensive treatment. Until later, when the two children grew older, Dad Huang found that the child had to be treated.

After a series of inspections of doctors, they found that if the two children are from the perspective of genetics, they do belong to women because they have ovarian, uterus and other organs, but looking at their physical development, they feel that they are boys.The physical development is particularly serious.

So many experts gathered together to diagnose these two small patients, and found that what they were suffered should be a chromosomal disease, that is, "congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia" constant chromosomal hidden genetic diseases.

Such diseases are actually caused by gene mutations. If the pathogenic gene is carried, adrenal steroids are lacking in the synthetic pathway, which leads to a large difference between the child’s appearance and his gender.

Whether this type of disease is also related to individual health. In the early stage of illness, there are not much difference between some babies and health children, but as the child grows up slowly, all symptoms may be more manifested.Obviously, children may have short figures, and a series of masculine characteristics will appear seriously.

The "salt -loss" baby is more dangerous under this circumstance, which may cause hypertrophemia and hyponatremia, and will also cause some harm and impact on life.

Knowing the cause of the child’s illness, how should we start the two sisters?Many experts gathered together to comprehensively analyze the overall situation of the two sisters, including clinical manifestations, endocrine, and sexual psychology. The experts conducted a detailed investigation to have a deeper understanding of the children.

After knowing a series of situations, the experts also specially formulated a professional personalized plan for the sisters.

First before surgery, the child’s hormone should be reduced to normal level.Furthermore, the child is the characteristic of feminine. It is necessary to help the child to rebuild the genitals through surgery. However, during the surgery, the doctor found that the two children’s genitals had certain problems. Their vaginal development was poor, and even the urethra and vagina were still stillmix together.

But no matter how severe the operation is, the doctor is not afraid, and try to separate the urethra of the two children, and finally successfully help the two babies recover the daughter.Hope for their families.

Maybe when you first hear the name of the disease, everyone will feel very strange. After all, his incidence is really not high, but once he develops, it may have a great impact on the original beautiful families.

Doctors have shown that such genetic diseases can actually be controlled.If such a situation occurs in your home, you can conduct genetic testing in advance to see if you are a carrier of this gene.

Before pregnancy, the couple can go to the corresponding institution for genetic consultation, and can also perform genetic testing of the fetus after pregnancy.

I hope that every baby can grow up healthy and safe, and I wish the sisters happy and happy in the future.

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