Quickly supplement amniotic fluid during pregnancy to eat more of these foods …

Since the establishment of pregnancy, the mother who has heard of the child has to pay more attention to the amniotic fluid. The doctor also said that the sufficient and clean amniotic fluid in the middle of pregnancy is important for the baby.

I think that the uterus is like a swimming pool. Only when the water in the pool is clean and clean, the baby will live comfortably in it. Sometimes, in addition to being born with a quiet child, there is a reason for less amniotic fluid.The place is less unhappy, haha, so I have been paying attention to eating more foods from the middle of pregnancy and regulating the value of amniotic fluid.

1: Soy milk.

I have liked to drink soy milk from early pregnancy. I like to add some red dates and black sesame seeds to the soybeans. It ’s good to get up in the morning to drink a cup. My husband can also drink it together.IntersectionSome pregnant mothers can add two slices of ginger to hitting, neutralizing cold.

2: Coconut juice.

Green coconut is my favorite fruit, cool and quench thirst, sugar is considered lower in the fruit. From pregnancy, I may be the problem of hormone changes that cause me to get angry and irritable.I did n’t intentionally hear coconut amniotic fluid when I went to the delivery inspection. I love the amniotic fluid, and I love it even more.My husband bought me a box of coconuts, and then bought it after drinking. I basically do one day.

3: electrolyte water.

My cousin has fewer amniotic fluid, and she is recommended by the doctor to drink too much electrolyte water. Although I don’t know what the truth is, it seems that coconut juice also has electrolytes. This is why the electrolyte water is useful.It is also fresh, but it is really effective for her, and it grows up a week.

4: Drink plenty of water.

The doctor suggested that all drink plenty of water, and I have developed the habit of drinking water myself. I see a lot of Baoma said that water should be drinking more, and it is a skillful drinking: drink about 1000 ml at a timeover.Especially when you are pregnant, you must not make your body moisture.

These methods are very useful for me, but the mothers with too much amniotic fluid can not be used. Note that do not eat too much diuretic food, such as watermelon, winter melon, corn beard tea, etc.It will lead to less amniotic fluid!

Today’s sharing is a small trick of my personal pregnancy. You can leave a message during the pregnancy you want to know!

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