Quickly test pregnancy, precautions during pregnancy

Generally, 10–14 days after pregnancy are more obvious.Generally speaking, about 18 days after the normal husband and wife live, you can determine whether you are pregnant by detecting urine, especially to detect morning urine. After the sex life of the husband and wife, the earliest week, the latest about 3, about 3One week, you can measure whether you are pregnant.

How to quickly detect pregnancy:

1. In today’s life, the most scientific method is to go directly to the hospital for testing, and do a B -ultrasound, but it must be clearer for almost a month.However, it is too small. Generally, doctors do not recommend checking, and it is not easy to find whether to get pregnant.

2. You can directly buy some pregnancy tests and measure urine. When you test, put it for about 5 minutes, and then look at the results.If you are pregnant early, it will be slow. If you have about two months of pregnancy, it will be very obvious. You can soon see that it is two red lines.

3. Most accurate testing method: blood or urine HCG test

These two methods are the earliest and most accurate ways to diagnose whether they are pregnant early. This is a new hormone produced by pregnant women after implantation of fertilized eggs into the uterus, that is, the human chorionic gonad hormone.The main function of this hormone is to maintain pregnancy, so this hormone can be tested from urine detection after 10 days of conception.If you want to know if you are pregnant, you can choose to go to the hospital for pregnancy test or blood HCG test.

4. The easiest way to test pregnancy: Basic body temperature measurement

What is the basal body temperature? In fact, the body temperature measured in bed after waking up every morning.Some women who prepare for pregnancy generally measure the basic body temperature and record it. At this time, you can judge whether you are pregnant according to the temperature.Before ovulation, women’s body temperature is generally below 36.5 degrees, and after ovulation, due to the rise in progesterone, it will act on the body center. At this time, the test temperature of the test will increase by about 0.3-0.5 degrees.If you are pregnant, progesterone will remain at this high level, and the body temperature will remain at a high level at this time. Therefore, if the body temperature is measured continuously, it is found that the phenomenon of the high temperature curve has continued for more than 18 days.It can generally be considered as early pregnancy.And if the eggs are fertilized, the progesterone will decrease after about a week, and the body temperature will return to normal.

Precautions for early pregnancy:

Many young people now only need their children due to work and life, so they are very concerned about the health problems of the baby after birth when they are pregnant.If you want your baby to be healthy, pay attention when you are pregnant. This is what most mothers who just get pregnant are most wanted to know. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the most critical. Let ’s tell the mothers who are just pregnant.Precautions.

1. Dietary aspect

In early pregnancy, the dietary habits of pregnant women may change, commonly known as noisy mouth.At this time, eat some light, digestible foods.Eat more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables to eat less greasy food.Get up every morning to pay attention to drinking water or milk.Pay attention to eating and eating less during your diet. Do not eat too much every time you eat.

2. Drug aspect

Pay attention to medication in the early days of pregnancy, because this period is the most important period of the development of various organs of the fetus.If the mothers use the medicine blindly because of the illness, the medicine that the pregnant woman cannot take it will affect the development of the fetus, which can easily cause malformations.Therefore, mothers must take medicines under the guidance of a doctor if they need to take medicine in the early pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy environment

Due to the importance of early pregnancy, in addition to the attention of medication, the living environment is also very important.Except for mothers who cannot smoke and drink, it is best to stay away from the environment of smoking.To prevent the fetus hypoxia.Moms should not go to the environment of poor public places or factories with harmful gas emissions to stay away from fetal malformations caused by harmful gases and viruses.

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