Really pregnant?Qi Wei ended the live broadcast late at night.

Recently, Qi Wei got off work. Li Chengyi took Lucky to pick her up and was photographed together. After receiving Qi Wei, Lucky was very cute with her parents.This time Qi Wei was still loose, coupled with Li Chengyi’s intimate pick -up, which also caused everyone’s guessing her second child.

Not long ago, Qi Wei was photographed when her husband Li Chengyi accompanied her to the hospital for examination. The wide black coat could not cover Qi Wei’s slightly bulging belly, so everyone guessed whether she was pregnant with a second child, but Qi Wei did not come out at presentA formal response to this issue.

Qi Wei and Li Chengyi are rare exemplary couples in the chaotic and complicated entertainment industry, but the two of them are different from the "male lead and female owner" in the general concept. Their family is working outside.Bring children.

In this regard, Li Chengyi also said the reason.He believes that Qi Wei has spent the precious time in her life in order to have a child. The male career line is longer than the female, so he chose to bring children at home to let Qi Wei continue her acting career.However, Qi Wei did not think that Li Chengyi should take children at home. She also thanked Li Chengye’s sacrifice for the family for herself, and Li Chengyi did educate Lucky very well.

The daughter of the two of them is also loved by everyone. One of the important reasons is that lucky looks too much like Qi Wei, which is simply a reduced version of Qi Wei, and everyone is ridiculed by the way.Even, even her daughter has exactly the same as her wife.

Li Chengyi participated in "The Brother in the Thorns" last year, and his unique charm also attracted many people to understand him further, and he no longer just had the title of Qi Wei’s husband.His wonderful performance on the stage and the sweet interaction with his wife on the stage have caused many people to discuss many people. Some people even go to Qi Wei Weibo to leave a message "Is this Qi Wei’s happiness?"high.

The happiness of a family requires the two to maintain them together. Qi Wei and Li Chengyi are considerate of each other in marriage, grateful to each other, and they are willing to communicate in time in time. They are indispensable in marriage.This time Qi Wei’s news of the second child’s second child wishes the marriage life of the two of them for a long time.

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