Reason for exposure to Li Yan’s depression: 12 years of marriage, 9 artificial conception, but being tragically out of the house

On July 5th, another shocking news came from the entertainment industry. One generation of heavenly died of depression. The news came out and immediately detonated the Internet and immediately became a hot search.

I just heard this news. First of all, the first reaction is that I do n’t believe it. Li Yan has always given people the sun, cheerful, and positive, and I do n’t believe that such people will have depression.

According to previous Hong Kong media reports, although Li Yan suffered from depression in the past few years, he has been actively cooperating with treatment. The original condition had been well controlled, and he could also participate in the event.She suffers from depression.However, the fundamental reason for the gradual increase of the condition was on marriage.

In the past two years, Li Yan’s leg injury has become more and more serious, so severe enough to get out of bed. This was caused by her practice of dancing since she was a child. Later, she needs to be treated by surgery.

When Li Yan was lying in the hospital, he was about to care for love, but his husband Bruce was busy stealing with other women outside. He did not care about his wife. The most disgusting thing was photographed by the media.It is the thunderbolt.

Around January this year, some media reported that Li Yan and her husband had been living for half a year. The reason was that the man was derailed, and her stepdom did not think that his father had done wrong and did not stand on the united front with her. ThisLet Li Yan be discouraged.In addition to the injury, the marriage change has caused Li Yan to be very lost, the weight has plummeted repeatedly, and the thinnest time is only 84 pounds.

For Li Yan, the derailment of her husband is a painful thing, because the deeper the love is, the heavier, and she has paid too much for the man. I did not expect that she would end up with her home.Li Yan and BRUCE have been married for 12 years, plus the time for falling in love for nearly 20 years. During this time, she occupied half of her life. It can be said that her half of her life was spent with this man.How deep it is, how deeper she is for this man.

Li Yan has always been one of the top musicians in the Chinese Moon Altar. She is the first Chinese singer to appear on the Oscar stage. She is an absolute winner in her career.But in terms of feelings, she is a loser. From the perspective of outsiders, she marrys a wealthy man and is a wife. In fact, the proper life winner is not. In fact, she has a bright appearance.

Li Yan married her husband at the age of 35. At that time, he was 45 years old. Because he and his ex -wife gave birth to two daughters, he always wanted a daughter, so he immediately started to make a person after marriage. This gave Li Yan a lot of pressure.As a result, Li Yan has never been pregnant. In order to get pregnant, Li Yan temporarily withdrew from the entertainment industry for several years. He has tried many methods. In the 12 years of marriage, the number of artificial conception was as high as 9 times, but the results were not exhausted.Rush.

In 2018, Li Yan talked about this in the show. He had revealed that she had to give herself an injection every day for her pregnancy.A egg needs to be played for about 10 days, but she has to persist for more than 20 days.

However, when she was actively preparing for pregnancy, her husband was stained with flowers outside. In the past few years, she was frequently disclosed by the media to be derailed in marriage.Very good, the heart is soft and not insisted. Now if you want to come, will your sister regret it?

I did not expect to forgive a forgiveness, but it was getting more and more arrogant. Some media reported that Bruce had pushed the pot to Li Yan after derailment, saying that because she could not give birth to a son, he would date with other women.He even threatened that Li Yanjing was going out of the house. It was really a dog.

Li Yan’s sincerity is the disgusting face of her husband, the failure of marriage, and the rupture of her feelings caused her to worsen her condition.Therefore, unhappy marriage will really destroy a person’s life. If the two did not meet that year, or once he found that he was derailed, he chose to divorce.Lightly, the fragrant jade is gone. Goodbye Li Yan, I hope that heaven has no scumbag, and I hope that heaven is an angel.

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