Remind pregnant mothers: Finding hypertension during pregnancy, don’t panic, do 6 things well to produce smoothly!

According to relevant statistics, about 6%to 8%of pregnant women will encounter the situation of hypertension. Although hypertension during pregnancy is not too serious, if the blood pressure is not reduced in time, it will inevitably affect the fetus.Normal development.

Therefore, when there is symptoms of hypertension during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women friends insist on doing the following 6 things to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus.

1. Go to the hospital for treatment in time

It is precisely because hypertension is not too serious, so pregnant women friends often have not improved. It is unknown that over time, the blood pressure is getting higher and higher, and it may even affect the heart and the kidneys even threatened abortion.

Therefore, women during pregnancy are reminded to first monitor blood pressure on a regular basis. Once the blood pressure shows signs of elevation, they must go to the hospital in time to determine the treatment plan under the guidance of a doctor, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

2. Take the medicine in accordance with the medicine

If the blood pressure rises quickly, it is indeed necessary to stabilize blood pressure through the method of taking medicine. You must strictly take the medicine to take the medicine. Do not blindly stop the medicine after the symptoms improve or disappear.Come to other serious consequences.

In addition, if you accidentally forget to take the medicine during the medication, it is best to consult a professional doctor how to solve it, and you should not increase the dose.

3. Monitor blood pressure regularly

Pregnancy was originally a very special period, especially after hypertension during pregnancy, it will adversely affect the pregnant woman and the fetus. Therefore, blood pressure is required regularly during the treatment process.

Normally, monitoring once in the morning and evening, how the blood pressure control is, if the blood pressure is still not controlled if the medicine is actively taking the medicine, you must consider whether it is the impact of bad living habits, or consult a professional medical personnel to adjust the treatment plan.Perhaps it can stabilize blood pressure.

4. Ensure that the rest time is sufficient

Nowadays, some women are better than they are. Even if they are pregnant, they will always work. Although the work will not bring too much burden on the body, it is best to rest if you have symptoms of hypertension for pregnancy.

Because the pressure is too large or emotional during work, the blood pressure will suddenly rise, and the adequacy of the rest time can stabilize the endocrine, which is conducive to stabilizing blood pressure.

5. Pay attention to diet

Although you need to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, do not eat too much high -calorie food, it is easy to hoard too much fat. Therefore, blood pressure will increase.

Under normal circumstances, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can supplement the required vitamin minerals. In addition, the appropriate amount of ingested foods rich in protein -rich foods to ensure that the nutritional balance can be more stable.

6. Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, you must pay attention to protecting the fetus, but it does not mean that you cannot exercise. On the contrary, doing some physical exercise in moderation can also promote blood circulation and relieve hypertension symptoms, such as walking yoga.

All in all, if you do n’t pay attention to preventive measures after pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy will come to the door. If you do n’t pay attention, it may even affect the growth and development of the fetus.

So remind pregnant women to pay more attention to physical performance. If there are problems such as dizziness, headache, and lower limb swelling in the near future, please check blood pressure quickly.Reasonable range of blood pressure stability.

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