Reminder for pregnancy couples: women have these 5 symptoms, indicating that the ovulation period is coming, you need to seize the opportunity

The ovulation period refers to the time when women discharge eggs every month.For healthy women, the ovaries will secrete eggs since adolescence.

Generally, the ovulation period is calculated from the first day of the next menstruation. The countdown is the ovulation day for 14 days. The first 5 days before ovulation and the second day are called the ovulation period.At this time, women are very vulnerable to fertilization, and the chance of pregnancy will be particularly high.

So for women who are prepared, the ovulation period will be calculated in detail every month.In fact, when women arrive during ovulation, they will have some symptoms. If these symptoms occur, it means that it has entered the ovulation period, so you may see it!

What are the symptoms of women in the ovulation period?

1. Change of vaginal secretions

Leucorrhea is a vaginal discharge of women, which is related to estrogen effects in women.

The quality and amount of leucorrhea will change with the menstrual cycle of women. When entering the ovulation period, the secretion of cervical glands will be strong. At this timeShow egg white.

Especially on the day of ovulation, because the leucorrhea contains a large amount of estrogen, the leucorrhea will be very clear and can be brushed to 10 ~ 15 cm.

2. Body temperature changes

When women ovulate, their body temperature will also change slightly.When ovulation, women in women are secreted in large quantities.The elevated progesterone will act on the hills of women’s hypothalamic body temperature adjustment center and increase the body temperature of women.

Therefore, on the day of ovulation, the body temperature will increase slightly slightly, generally increased by 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees, and generally will not exceed 37 degrees 5. This phenomenon will continue until 1 to 2 days before menstruation.

It is worth noting that when measuring the body temperature, when you wake up in the early morning, keep your body quiet and then test the body temperature. The method of this test is more accurate.

Third, ovulation pain

On the day of ovulation day, most women will have slight pain or pain in the lower abdomen.This kind of pain is relatively mild, similar to 1 to 2 days before the menstruation, the inflation phenomenon appearing in the lower abdomen, this phenomenon is called ovulation pain.

97%of women will occur before ovulation. Generally, within 24 hours after this phenomenon occurs, women will start ovulation.

Fourth, a small amount of bleeding

Many women have vaginal trace bleeding when the ovulation is coming. This situation is called ovulation bleeding, and the color of the blood is generally light brown or brown.

The cause of this situation decreases estrogen fluctuations with female ovulation, which causes a small amount of endometrium to fall off.Especially when ovulation pain symptoms occur, mild vaginal hemorrhage symptoms are accompanied.This symptom is generally about three days, and the amount is very small, which can be ignored.

5. Strong energy

Energy is more vigorous. It is a relatively obvious symptom manifestation of women entering the ovulation period.At this time, there are more leucorrhea in women, and the vagina will be lubricated and elastic, which will make women’s energy particularly strong, and they will have high sexual desire.

All in all, if women have the above five symptoms in daily life, they indicate that they have entered the ovulation period.

So for women who prepare for pregnancy, we must seize these "golden periods" every month for a rational life, and the success rate of conception will increase many times.In addition, women can also use ovulation paper to test the ovulation day appropriately, and the accuracy will be higher.

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