Repeated abortion in pregnancy, my mother -in -law saved me with a trick

Pregnancy and having children are the dreams of most women.In order to become a mother, many women started preparing pregnancy early, hoping to have a healthy and happy gestation of a high -quality baby through scientific methods.However, on the way to having children, there are always some women who are more difficult than others.I, one of them.

My husband and I met through a blind date. Just half a year of getting along, we registered to get married.One of the biggest factor in hastily getting married is that they are not younger for two, and they are not married, and they are difficult to get pregnant.Fortunately, God is not thin. Although the time is short, the husband is not bad, the division is honest, to me, and the days after our marriage are very solid.

But the only beauty is that my belly has been delayed.My husband and I want a child. My mother’s house and my in -laws are also looking forward to us.There is no way, the stomach is not angry.In order to get pregnant quickly, my husband and I have run across major hospitals in the county. The large hospitals in the city have also ran several times. However, because there are no obvious lesions and sources of diseases, we can only continue to prepare for pregnancy according to the method of pregnancy.

This preparing for pregnancy has been prepared for two years.Later, I didn’t know if our sincerity moved God’s sincerity. There was no sign. I had an early pregnancy state -pregnancy.The whole family was happy. Like the New Year, I prepared a lot of delicious food and celebrated it in advance.

But who knows that Le is very sad, when I was six months pregnant, I suddenly had a miscarriage.At that time, I was stunned, and it was not until the doctor induced labor and performed the Qing Palace surgery that I reacted and cried.At that time, I was so weak for three months and did not slow down.

Later, I became pregnant again and had a miscarriage.When I was pregnant for the third time, I was more careful, but people were not as good as heaven.During the third trimester, I went to the hospital for a medical examination and was found out again.I collapsed, and I even forgot to cry.The doctor said that this was an inertial abortion, and because of physical reasons, one was also related to mood.

No matter what the reason, I have missed the baby three times, and I want to die, and the state has always been bad.

My mother -in -law saw that I was wrong and said me hard.she says:

Although I really want to hug my grandson, I also know that pregnancy should be natural.You are my daughter -in -law, the same as a daughter, you are gloomy every day, and I feel uncomfortable.Let’s do this, I pay for it. When you go out for a few months, when will you feel comfortable and when will you come back?

Speaking of her mother -in -law, she gave me 30,000 yuan for half a lifetime, and gave me a brain, telling us that we must put down the burden and relax.Then, we "rushed" out of the house.

In my memory, it was the happiest three months.My husband and I don’t have to want to work. The only thing to do is to relax, look at mountains, play with water, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.Unconsciously, I was pregnant again.

This time, I did not suffer from losses, no nervousness, but to keep a happy mood every day, and devoted myself to pregnancy.This time, God didn’t make a joke with me again, I gave birth to a male baby.

This is my pregnancy story, a bit pitiful, but very loving.

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