Reveal, why does the Strawberry Hospital awarded so highly?The secret is these 3!


On June 30, the Department of Reproductive Medicine of Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital came up with good news, and another couple successfully pregnancy!Well, today we will reveal the reasons for the high power perforation power of Strawberry Hospital.

Secret 1: husband and wife are governing, first conditioning, later generations awarded

Successful pregnancy requires the normal and excellent seeds of the reproductive system of both men and women (men’s sperm and women’s eggs), unobstructed transportation channels (fallopian tubes), normal sperm -egg binding and embryo development, and subsequent fetal development places (uterus).These elements are indispensable.

Before artificial insemination, the expert team of reproductive medicine in Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital will adopt a multidisciplinary joint conditioning plan according to the specific situation of each couple to allow the bodies of both husband and wife to reach the best and easy to conceive.

Multi -disciplines jointly corrected the potential physical diseases of prospective parents; combined with Chinese and western medicine, cultivating the eggs of the pearl round and jade, men and women Tongzhi let the sperm brother are both vibrant and handsome!Before the embryo babies check in, remove the extra impurities (uterine polyps, uterine fibroids) in the uterus in time, and cultivate a smooth and detailed endometrium; decorate the baby’s upcoming house into a warm villa.

Secret 2: Grasp the timing and accurately enter the week

When the eggs who are victorious, when they are mature from the appearance to the heart, they only wait for the experienced doctors to choose a good day (ovulation period), and send the vitality, sunny sperm brother into the woman’s uterus, sperm brotherAfter waiting for the cocoon’s egg to break the cocoon, the sperm brother who chose the sperm and the egg sister, with the creep of the fallopian tube cilia, returned to the uterine villas prepared by the fallopian tube cilia, and began a happy life.

Dr. Zhao Bangxia, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital, has been engaged in reproductive endocrine and auxiliary reproductive technology. From August 2018 to August 2020, he served as auxiliary reproductive clinic at the Royal Reproductive Hospital of Cambodia.Nearly 10,000 patients with infertility at home and abroad have been successfully conceived.Thanks to more than 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of successful experience, Director Zhao Bangxia grasped very accurate at the time of human being.

Secret 3: Semen optimization treatment, super strong strength

Medically, it is called artificial insemination in the process of injection of men’s semen into the process of women’s reproductive tract through artificial ways. Then there is an extremely important link before artificial insemination: semen optimization treatment.This link requires a poisonous laboratory director. Through medical methods, semen impurities, inflammatory factor, and selection of the most activated and best sperm are selected.Director Wang Baosheng of the Reproductive Medicine Department of Hunan Women’s Hospital has focused on the reproductive laboratory for nearly 20 years, and has rich experience in the treatment of semen optimization.

"Before the teaching, multi -disciplinary experts jointly conditioned+experienced doctors accurately grasped the opportunity to enter the week+poisonous laboratory doctors for semen optimization treatment = Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital Reproductive Medicine Given a high pregnancy rate."

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Wang Zhen, Hunan Women and Children’s Hospital

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