Rihanna pregnant 6

The hot search in the past two days is really lively ~

Everyone watched the midfield show of the super bowl ~ Female entrepreneur Rihanna finally returned after six years!Intersection

As soon as Riri’s voice came out, a sister’s scalp was numb. It can be said that it was another performance of the European and American circle!

12 songs at one time!Singing and dancing for 13 minutes!

The fans cried, waiting for six years ~ Finally waited for this day!Just call the New Year!Ready!

Female entrepreneurs still do not forget to bring the essence of goods, and make makeup in the middle of the performance.

Although Rihanna does not have a dime for performance fee at the super bowl, you must know that the advertising fee of the super bowl is as high as $ 7 million!RMB 48 million!

Makeup 3 seconds to earn 4.8 million …

What is even more surprising is that Rihanna’s almost perfect performance was completed in the state of pregnancy!

My mother ~ a sister directly call cow ~ (one in the middle of A and C)!Intersection

After the concert, Rihanna also shared this good news with you, yes, she was pregnant with a second child!

Fans have admired, and I have to say that Riri is so dedicated!

Internal entertainment broke again …

One sister knows everyone’s mood. After all, the party is the party, the concert, and everyone spends money … Of course, I hope to hear the perfect interpretation of the favorite singer.

The singers should also be like Rihanna, either not singing, or feed back fans with the most sincere performances.

But there are also fans who are puzzled. Isn’t it just a child?Well again?

One sister remembered that in May last year, Rihanna was official Xuan Shengwa. Only then did she have a child in the past 8 months, and she was pregnant with her second child?Intersection

And according to fans, Rihanna has been pregnant for about 6-7 months …

One sister is not good … Is Riri seamlessly connected?Fans are stunned!

Alas ~ It seems that Rihanna’s new album is hopeless again …

Fans have commented that Rihanna’s husband Rocky "ligates" … hahahaha ~

There are also fans that let Rihanna "go to father and stay" hahahaha ~ It seems that this rapper husband is not very popular with fans ~

However, fans said that they are actually worried about Rihanna’s body. Some fans ask seamlessly with two babies to not hurt their bodies?Intersection

I wonder if Rihanna’s lumbar spine is okay?

Due to the long -term stomach of the pregnant mothers, the lumbar spine will be severely deformed to the front!

The increase in the weight of the abdomen needs to be balanced through the increase in the premium angle of the lumbar spine. The ligament relaxation in the late pregnancy causes the lumbar ligament to relax … the front convex is more serious.

At the end of pregnancy, the above -mentioned lumbar spine anterior convex reform continues to exist, and even after the end of production, it takes a period of time to recover.

Seamless connection like Rihanna, a sister is not recommended from the perspective of physical health ~

When it comes to the protruding of the lumbar spine, not only the mother of pregnancy, but many sisters who are "sedentary" have this problem!

Lumbar spine anteriorism is the fundamental reason why many sisters fall into the dead cycle of "waist and belly"!

Some sisters may not be aware of the seriousness of the front of the lumbar spine!Today, a sister will take the sisters to talk about those things in front of the lumbar spine!

Is your lumbar spine bump?

1. What is the front of the lumbar spine?

Lumbar anterior bumps are also called spine anterior bending. The anterior lumbar anterior convex is the forward arc that protrudes the spine and waist section to the abdomen to the abdomen.

The front of the lumbar spine not only affects the waist, but even causes pain and discomfort in the neck.

In addition, some studies have found that the angle of the lumbar spine bump is related to more "posture diseases". For example, the angle of the lumbar spondylum can affect the back of the thoracic vertebrae and the pelvic forward leaning.

Therefore, sisters must pay attention to the problem of lumbar spine bumps, but don’t take it seriously.

The sisters must have wanted to know, why do our lumbar spine be bump forward?

2. The cause of the front of the lumbar spine

A study "Research Progress of the Lumbar Settlement" published in "China Orthopedic Magazine" shows that in fact, the lumbar vertebrae bumps are actually not affected by age.

Conversely, the over -premium convex of the lumbar spine can affect people of any age!

You are a little fairy in his 20s, or a big sister in his 30s, and you may have a lumbar vertebral bump if you don’t pay attention to your posture.

However, the study mentioned that women’s lumbar vertebrae’s front convex angle is significantly greater than men’s 2-5 degrees.

That’s because women’s waist and hips are relatively plump, so the proportion of the front of the lumbar spine is higher than that of men!

In the final analysis, our extension is actually because central obesity or abdominal obesity will increase the premature corner of the lumbar spine.

Studies have found that people with a high BMI index may lead to an increase in the angle of the front of the lumbar spine.

△ BMI index calculation formula BMI = weight ÷ square height (weight unit: kg; height unit: meter).

BMI over 24 people, the angle of the lumbar spine has an increase significantly.

Sisters hurry up and calculate your BMI index to see if you have the risk of increasing the front of the lumbar spine.

The reason why the Sisters with a high BMI index increased in front of the lumbar spine.

The increase in the premium angle of the lumbar spine can balance the standing position of this kind of sisters to prevent the center of gravity from being too forward …

In addition, excess fat pulls the pelvis forward, which will make the lumbar spine bump forward …

Some sisters have a small belly protruding, and the problem of small abdominal fat causes the lumbar spine to become more and more forward.Falling into a dead cycle …

The front angle of the lumbar spine is also related to the abdomen and back muscle function.

Insufficient waist and back muscles, the surrounding soft tissue is imbalanced, resulting in an increase in lumbar spine stress, which will bring the lumbar vertebral convex angle exacerbation.

In addition, when you sit in front of the desk, your body is excessively leaning forward. "The knee is higher than the hip joint", which will cause the waist muscles to shrink for a long time.

The waist muscles are usually lacking exercise, which then causes its "weak and tight" result, and naturally causes the front of the lumbar spine.

Also, many sisters like to overexplate over their waist, showing a kind of "sitting position with butt …"

It looks very elegant, but maintaining this sitting position for a long time can easily cause the lumbar spine to bump.

So don’t sit on your butt anymore ~ Be careful of your lumbar spine!

In addition, postpartum mothers have relaxed ligaments around the lumbar spine and softened bone.

Some researchers have confirmed whether the number of pregnancy and pregnancy was related to the patient’s lumbar spine.

So mothers are really not easy, distressed … but don’t worry, a sister will help you solve it.

What should I do if the lumbar spine is raised?

First of all, sisters must first clarify whether they are the front of the lumbar spine and the severity?

There are a few simple methods here to test to what extent to test the sisters’ lumbar spine.

Lumbar vertebral bump test

1. C -shaped back: The back of the back curve is obviously the most obvious feature of the lumbar spine.

2. Lumbar muscles are weak.

3. The back of the waist is tight and the elasticity is reduced.

4. Lumbar pain and soreness

5. If the nerves are affected, there will be numb and tingling on the back of the waist.

6. Lie on a hard flat plane and check whether there is enough space between the back and the ground on the back of the waist. If you can easily slide your hands over the space, you may have the front of the lumbar spine.

There are not big issues below.

If it is 3 ~ 4, there may be mild and moderate lumbar anterior bumps.

If you have been in 4 or more, it is recommended to go to the hospital to take a movie to check the front of the lumbar spine.

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