risk!On the section of pregnancy, the uterine mouth opened, and the doctor in Guangdong used a magical silk thread to help the pregnant mother successfully protect the fetus

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21 weeks of pregnancy (less than 6 months)

Ms. Huang’s Gongkou actually opened 4 cm

What is even more amazing is

The doctor performed a 10 -minute surgery for her

Lean the child by a line

In the end, the baby was born in full moon

Mother and daughter peace

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This thrilling story

Huang Liwen, 28, found that ovarian function was not good before pregnancy.Lucky pregnancy, but at 21 weeks of pregnancy, the baby who has just taken in the abdomen is already eager to give birth to the birth of early -"Gongkou is wide open, the cervical pipe disappears, and the amniotic sac has been highlighted 4*4cm", and then experienced the palace in the palace.Bacterial infection and severe cold during pregnancy.

Earlier, she had been told that the ovaries were prematurely aging and the function of the cervix was incomplete. "I think maybe if I missed this child, I may not have it anymore." She is hopeless to protect the fetus. Fortunately, she encountered the obstetrics director of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province.Zhu Ninghu worked together with trust and insisting on doctors and patients. After 98 days of hospitalization, she cleverly used the cervical ring to eventually move the danger to give birth to a healthy female treasure.

Huang Liwen, who lives in Panyu, Guangzhou, went to pregnancy before pregnancy. She was told that she had problems with ovarian function. The doctor suggested that she get pregnant as soon as possible.Although the results of the inspection were not good, the goddess of luck came on Huang Liwen (a pseudonym), and successfully conceived two months later.

Huang Liwen was pregnant with her baby, making the whole family overjoyed.Just as the whole family was looking forward to the little baby fell to the ground, on April 11, Huang Liwen felt obviously uncomfortable on the way to work without warning.

The next day, I went to the B -ultrasound for B -ultrasound. The results showed that the cervical canal became smaller, and the expansion appeared at the same time. The diagnosis of the cervix was incomplete. Then Huang Liwen was hospitalized to keep the fetus. At this time, the baby in her belly was only 21 weeks.

In the next five days, Huang Liwen’s situation became more and more serious.Her palace mouth has been opened in less than 6 months of pregnancy and may have a miscarriage at any time.Later, when I heard that the cervical ring had hopes to protect the fetus, Huang Liwen decided to go to the obstetrics department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province.

The transfer of Huang Liwen faces greater risks.After the ambulance was sent to the second medical doctor, her cervical canal has disappeared, and the amniotic sacity is 4*4cm. "The child may be coming out later, abortion …" Now that Huang Liwen feels still in his heart, "the hospitalThe doctor immediately performed a cervical ring for me. "

▲ Director Zhu Ninghu is doing cervix and surgery to protect the fetus for pregnant women

Zhu Ninghu, director of the obstetrics department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, told Guang Weijun, "Cervical ring surgery is tied up like a stubborn pocket, and then disassembled at this delivery. This is the treatment of cervical cervix.The inner mouth relaxation leads to the main treatment methods of habitual miscarriage and normality. "

It is understood that as of now, the hospital has successfully implemented more than 2,000 cases of cervical rings.

After the cervical ring was operated, the Huang Liwen’s family hung a week and finally settled down.However, things have not ended.

On April 24, Huang Liwen found that he had a little vaginal fluid, so he quickly told the doctor.After examination, the doctors found that the amniotic sac is once again protruding from the outer mouth of the cervix, with a size of about 3*3cm. At this time, the B -ultrasound also shows that the cervical canal is separated.

After the cervical ring was surgery, they encountered dangerous feelings, and everyone felt that their children couldn’t keep it.If the child is born at this time, the month is too small, and the fetus can hardly survive.At this time, the sheep’s membrane is prominent, because the distance is too close to the risk of breaking the fetal membrane at any time, and it cannot be taken around.

At first, Zhu Ninghu suggested to remove the cervical rings and sew, and then induce labor.

"Although the cervical ring tie is very effective in the treatment of miscarriage caused by cervical relaxation, it is not 100%after all. If you persist again, the risk is too risky." Because the ring tie is made, it is equivalent to the bag stitching the mouth, but the bagIf the things in it have to come out at this time, the tight bag will inevitably crack. "For her, it is a serious cervical tear. In case of this happening, maybe she can never have birth.For our doctors, this is even more unacceptable. It cannot cause irreparable damage due to treatment. "Director Zhu Ninghu said frankly.

"When I heard this news, I felt like a thunderbolt." Huang Liwen recalled, "This is the first time I was pregnant, and the whole family cherishes this child. The cervical function is incomplete.This may be the only child in my life. "The strong willingness to protect her and the whole family refused to demolish the cervical ring and sew, and asked to continue to protect the fetus.

"The doctor told me that if the risk of keeping the fetus is very risky, no one has tried it before, and I don’t recommend that I do it, but I believe that the doctor and the nurse will help me." I learned that it may only be 10%of the success.After the opportunity to protect the fetus, Huang Liwen chose to continue to persist in the face of risks."To fight, we only have to fight for only 10%of the success rate! Even if you have not succeeded, you have to try it."

Her persistence and trust, and the unconditional support of her family, moved Zhu Ninghu.After a comprehensive evaluation, Zhu Ninghu decided to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of Huang Liwen and work hard with her.

▲ Director Zhu performed a cervical ring operation for the patient

Slowly, Huang Liwen’s uterus did not continue to launch.At this time, Zhu Ninghu’s most worried is that the infection in the palace is "the most serious may occur, and the uterus must be removed."

During helplessly, Huang Liwen still had intrauterine infection, which undoubtedly increased the difficulty of protecting the fetus.While giving anti -infection treatment, Zhu Ninghu also regularly monitored the blood routine, CRP, and calcium calcium, and a quantitative detection of the secretion DNA.On April 29, there was finally good news -vaginal secretions cultivated without pathogenic bacteria, and no infection in the palace was since then.

After passing the infection, Huang Liwen’s road to protect the fetus was still bumpy.At 25 weeks of pregnancy, she suffered from respiratory tract infections without warning."At that time, my cold was more severe, and my breathing was not smooth. My heartbeat and my child’s heartbeat accelerated a lot. I was scared." Huang Liwen almost felt that he couldn’t resist. FortunatelyEssence

Huang Liwen’s road to protect the fetus is not only the efforts of doctors, but also inseparable from the credit of nursing."Pregnant women need to stay in bed most of the time. Care is very difficult, and there are risks such as pressure ulcers and thrombosis." Chen Jianfei, the head of obstetric nurses, told Guang Weijun, "Under the careful care of the nursing team, Huang Liwen did not have these problems."

When it was 28 weeks of pregnancy, everyone felt that it was a miracle.

On June 21, Huang Liwen finally ushered in the day of the line dismantling.At this time, the fetus has been 32 weeks, and it has already exceeded everyone’s expectations."I really didn’t expect that she could persist for so long. She was very optimistic. Every time the room was checked, she would make a joke and say that she would be born quickly. Don’t happen in her stomach. I persuaded her to relax and the child was good to her for one day." Zhu NingLake saying.

On July 16th, the day when Huang Liwen’s long -awaited came, she became a mother!

A week later, Huang Liwen took the joy of 5 pounds of baby daughter, and happily left the obstetrics department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, which lived for 98 days.There is only the word gratitude in my mind!

"In the past, it was believed that cervical rings were applied to abortion during the large moon, that is, pregnant women who had a history of abortion between 12 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. Because the surgical procedures were not complicated, in just 10 minutes, surgery for patients with incomplete cervical functional patients with incomplete cervical function.The success rate can reach more than 90%, and there are no taboos and no need to take medicine. For many pregnant women is the only choice. But if it happens again, in the past, it is generally thought to give up. "Zhu Ninghu told Guang WeijunEssence

▲ Patients send brocade flags for Zhu Ninghu

After this miracle’s cervical ring, Zhu Ninghu has a new understanding of this technology that has specially captured for nearly 20 years. "Although there is an emergency after the ring tie, if there is no ring tie, the child is the child isIt must not be kept. With close monitoring, pregnant women with serious cervical function like her in the future are also likely to be successful. "

What is cervical rings?

The uterus during pregnancy is like a "cloth bag". The incomplete cervical function has led to the loose mouth of the "cloth bag". The baby’s development to a certain amount will fall. The implementation of the ring tie is locking the "cloth bag" mouth to form a "safe security for the baby."Pocket", reduce or avoid abortion caused by cervix relaxation, so that the baby can bred to be cooked after a full month.

What kind of patients are the cervical rings generally targeted at?

For patients with habitual abortion, premature birth, or cervical endometrium rupture, amniotic membranes such as cervical endometrium, and amniotic vessels have protruding symptoms such as vaginal port, they can choose to do cervical rings without contraction.

What are the biggest risks of the cervical rings?

The biggest risk is in -palace infection. Once the infection occurs, not only the child cannot survive, the mother may also have sepsis, infectious shock, or even death.

导 Cervical ring tie surgery has caused a high infection rate in the palace?

This pot of cervical rings really didn’t really want to carry it.Director Zhu Ninghu told Guang Weijun that first of all, women’s vagina had conditional pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria have always existed and maintained the acidic environment of the vagina.If the infection caused by the cervical ring tie, the occurrence time should not exceed one week. If the infection occurs after a week, it does not have much to do with the ring tie.

一定 After the cervical ring is tied, be sure to stay in bed?

Director Zhu Ninghu said that it is generally believed that the bed in bed is actually a misunderstanding.

On the one hand, long -term beds are likely to lead to constipation, and pregnant women will be easily constipated during pregnancy. People with constipation will work hard, and they will increase abdominal pressure. Abdominal pressure is one of the causes of abortion. It may also cause cervical tearingcrack.On the other hand, people generally think that bedrooms are compared to reducing the pressure of cervix mouth. This is actually wrong, because the uterus during pregnancy is actually a spherical object.Change changes have reduced cervix stress, and pressure changes will not be too great.Therefore, Ann is not an absolute bed.

Zhu Ninghu, the head of obstetrics and chief physicians of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, a member of the experts of the Guangdong Gongsheng Excellence Society, a member of the surrounding expert group in Guangzhou, and a member of the medical accident technical appraisal of the medical accidents in Guangdong Province.After 20 years of work in obstetrics, he has mastered theoretical knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology majors. Medical technology operations are standardized and skilled. The annual childbirth volume of general personnel has reached more than 3,300.The cervical ring tiered treatment of 100 cases / year or more, reaching the national leading level.

Good at: there are rich clinical experience in the treatment of obstetrics and severe illness, high -risk pregnancy, and first difficulty in the first place, especially in the absence of peritoneal cesarean section, cervical ring tie operation, clamping surgery, perineal Ⅲ degree of sominance repair, etc.There are high accomplishments, which have been highly recognized by patients inside and outside the province.

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