Rizhao women stopped three times in a row. The terrible thing was that the reason could not be found. Director: The inspection is too single

Ms. Zhou’s Ms. Zhou is now afraid of pregnancy. For a while, she proposed to sleep with her husband for a while, just worried that she was pregnant again.It wasn’t that she didn’t want a child, but that she couldn’t hold it every time she was pregnant. She had experienced three times of heartbroken tires, and she didn’t dare to have such an experience again.

The woman stopped 3 times and could not find the reason and dare not get pregnant anymore

After the second fetus stopped, the couple also went to the hospital for examination, but there were no problems. The ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus were all normal.In the end, the doctor opened some luteum to take it to take home for a while before trying to prepare for pregnancy.The third pregnancy still failed to escape the curse of the fetus, but the couple came to Jinan.

I learned that the women were doing inspections in the process of consulting them, and the inspection was very single, and the reasons for some fetal stopping were not found at all.Fetal stopping can be attributed to seven reasons:

1. Chromesy abnormalities, this is the most common cause, which will cause embryo to develop. The chromosomal abnormalities include abnormal quantity and structure abnormalities.

2. Gener malformations, including uterine malformations, uterine occupying lesions, like uterine cavity adhesion and uterine adenoma can affect embryonic development.

3. Immune factors, embryos are the combination of sperm and egg fertilization.It is impossible to be exactly the same as the mother.

4. Endocrine disorders, including human chorionic gonadotropins, prolactin, progesterone, estrogen, androgen, thyroidine, etc.

5. Systemic diseases and reproductive tract infections, if expectant mothers have blood, circulation, urinary system and other diseases, they may also affect embryonic development.The infected pathogens are mainly the following: TORCH infection, chlamydia of sachetic, chlamydia, and human micro -virus B19, syphilis spiral body, etc.

6. Environmental factors, in the early stages of pregnancy, the impact of embryos on drugs and environmental factors is very sensitive.Excessive contact with harmful factors such as radioactive substances and chemicals can cause embryonic damage and cause tire stop.

7. In the end, the man’s factors cannot be ignored. If the sperm is abnormal, such as abnormal semen activity and abnormal sperm nuclear, the immature sperm nuclear is a risk factors that cause spontaneous abortion and embryo to stop developing.

Clear diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, successful conception

After improving the relevant inspection of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Zhou had anti -cardin and phospholipid antibody syndrome.In this case, pregnant mothers are prone to form tiny thrombosis, which will cause placental blood supply to be affected, affect the growth and development of the fetus, increase the chance of abortion, and increase the chance of pregnant mothers with pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

If this situation is found early during pregnancy, the pregnant maternal and fetal are closely monitored in a timely manner, and the child still has the hope of keeping the child.However, Ms. Zhou had no reason for the first three tires and missed the opportunity.I performed the heparin and aspirin synchronous therapy for her situation, and adjust the dosage at any time based on the results of the review.

After three months of treatment, she had reached the level of pregnancy when she was reviewed. I asked the couple to go home to try her pregnancy. Ms. Zhou told me that she was pregnant.I was worried that the child had a problem, and I had related tire protection therapy for her.Now she has been pregnant for 4 months, waiting for the good news of her child birth!

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