Ruan Xiaowen is sick in Dongguan (70) Xiaojin Rui

Ma Wenbin rented a one -bedroom house in Tongsha, Dongguan Dongcheng, with 40 square meters, and there was a small room on the left hand side of the door with windows and wardrobes.The living room is very large. The windows inside extend outward. You can dry clothes. The kitchen and the bathroom are on both ends of the balcony. They put a 1.5 -meter bed on the inside of the living room and pulled up the mosquito net for mother -in -law and Xiao was a simple dining table outside the bed, and a few dwarf stools were bought, and the family started living here.

Compared to the house rented before, this set is obviously better. At least the bathroom and the kitchen are available. Unlike the set of rented during pregnancy, the public kitchen and toilet can often see cockroaches flying around.Xiaowen was very satisfied with all this. She planned to wait for a few days to find a job. Now that the child has a mother -in -law, she is absolutely assured.

Maybe the climate in the south is hotter, the soil and water are not convinced, or they are busy organizing and setting up a new home, ignoring Jinrui, Xiao Jinrui loses his stomach, this can be broken.Many times, I do n’t see it. I can only put it first.

Jin Rui’s condition was repeated. By the end of June, her sister said that her father was 60th birthday. I hope that the Xiaowen family can come back with Jinrui. Xiao Wen thinks that his father and brother are both doctors.Maybe it was okay, so he rushed back with Ma Wenbin on the day of his father’s birthday.

When the morning arrived, many guests in the family, Xiao Wen touched Jin Rui a little fever, asked his father to give the child a needle, and gave the child some medicine. In the hospital in Dongguan, the doctors used imported drugs. This timeAfter taking the needle, there was still no signs of fever. He kept insisting on the evening. The child was still uncomfortable. After the guests left at night, the father looked at the child and said that it had to be hospitalized.

In the early morning of the next day, Xiao Wen and Ma Wenbin took the child to the county hospital. Maybe the child changed the place, plus the car and traveled to the hospital for two days.In this situation, in the hospital, regardless of the eyes of others, he lost his temper to Xiaowen. He blame Xiaowen regardless of his child.

Ma Wenbin shook his head and people in the ward. When he was hospitalized, Xiaowen’s brother greeted him. He specifically found a doctor who met and saw him like this, so he called Xiao Wen’s brother.Come.

The doctor called Xiaowen and his brother to the office, and Xiao Wen was also scared by Jin Rui’s situation. Even asking what the situation was, the doctor explained that the child’s digestive ability is weak. Now this is the doctor’s strategy.Make up, then pull out the drainage, and when the fever is reduced, the child’s condition is stable. Now this is normal.Helplessly explained that Ma Wenbin did not listen, and he had been making a lot of noise. He was not calm. Xiao Wen and his brother both expressed their believe in the hospital and asked the doctor not to have psychological burden.

The people in the ward sighed that Xiao Wen was really pitiful, looking for such a man.Xiaowen thought about it in her mother’s house now. She didn’t want her parents to see these. She had been swallowing Ma Wenbin. She had to tell her brother not to tell her parents. Ma Wenbin was also anxious, but she knew that she was disappointed with Ma Wenbin.

After Jinrui was hospitalized for a week, the situation improved slightly. Ma Wenbin ignored Xiao Wen’s opposition.In the case, he had to be discharged from the hospital.

Xiaowen had been endured for the child, returned home to clean up his luggage. After staying for a long time, he got in the car back to Dongguan.

To be continued …

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