Rumor: It’s all cervicitis, why don’t you take medicine?Will it be cancerous?

Cervicitis is the most common inflammatory disease in gynecological clinics. It can be said that almost every woman who lives in sex will suffer from cervicitis.

But it is also cervicitis. Why do some need treatment and some do not need to be treated?

Some medicines have been used for a few weeks, and some are repeatedly resumed?

Because you don’t have the same kind of cervicitis.

Different causes, different manifestations, and of course different treatment.

In clinical diagnosis, cervicitis refers to the inflammation of the cervical vulva area and the cervical pipe mucosa tissue, which are divided into two types: chronic and acute.

Acute cervicitis, also known as mucus purulent cervicitis, is mainly manifested in the increase in purulent secretions, contact bleeding after the same room, may be accompanied by vaginal itching or pain. The cervix is congested and edema during the doctor’s gynecological examination.Best.

Such cervicitis is related to infection. For example, pathogens that spread diseases cause infections or women’s endogenous pathogens are imbalanced in the vagina, causing cervical acute inflammation.

This type of cervicitis is not difficult to treat. After the symptomatic antibiotics are treated, it will soon be good.

Chronic cervicitis, symptoms are not typical, often with purulent secretions, increased leucorrhea, or contact bleeding.There are many methods of cervicitis, and different treatment methods are different according to the symptoms. Many women will recur. After taking the medicine, it will be better for a while, and it will appear for a long time, which lasts for a long time.

Many women heard that they have cervicitis. Regardless of the three seven twenty -one, they started taking medicine and plugging medicine. Often, the effect was not good, and it may even be counterproductive.Many people will doubt whether they are cervicitis. It is always not good, will it become cervical cancer?This is why?

First of all, we must first figure out which type of cervix is and whether it needs to be treated.Cervicitis has four symptoms. We can judge whether we need to treat treatment:

First, the vaginal discharge increases, and it is purulent;

Second, the husband and wife feel pain when life, and bleeding during the process or after passing;

Third, feel itching and burning of the vulva, and continue to be relieved;

Fourth, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, backache, lower abdomen pain.

Once you find that you have one of the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check in time to do vaginal discharge examination. TCT and HPV are used to screen for the presence of cervical cancer.Essence

After finding the relevant pathogens based on vaginal secretions, targeted drug treatment is found.If the infected pathogen is not clear, patients who are younger than 25 years old and have more complex sexual relationships, sexual partners have sexual transmission of disease infection, doctors will adopt experience treatment methods to use common antibiotic drugs to eliminate infections.It is usually treated for 7 to 10 days, and the symptoms can improve significantly.

There are a lot of folds at the cervix. Whether it is local drugs or oral medication, it is often difficult to completely kill for deep microorganisms.Therefore, if the effect of trying the treatment of drugs is not ideal, a fast treatment method commonly used in gynecology — physical therapy.Physical therapy can quickly eliminate inflammatory lesions within a few minutes, and can be cured within a month or two, especially for patients with chronic cervicitis with invalid drug treatment and repeated symptoms.The physical therapy includes: laser, freezing, electrical burning, etc., will not hurt the cervical anatomy, nor will it affect the subsequent menstrual and fertility.

Some women have cervical polyps during cervic inflammation. Cervical polyps need to be removed to prevent polyps from getting longer and bigger.

Cervicitis will not directly become cervical cancer, but it still affects life when symptoms.In order to minimize the impact of cervicitis on female friends, we should actively prevent the occurrence of cervicitis in daily life.

To achieve effective prevention, we must first understand the cause of cervicitis: sexual life is not paid attention to, and multi -sex.Cervical injury, abortion, curettage, etc.Decreased resistance.

For these common causes, the main prevention methods are the following: Pay attention to family and school sex education in daily life to reduce the occurrence of premature sex.Female friends should clean genital hygiene before and after sex, ensure good habits of sexual life, and reduce the emergence of adverse life and excessive sexual partners.Change the underwear every day, clean the vulva with warm water, so as to make one person and one basin, clean and dry the underwear in time.Take contraception measures in the process of sex to reduce damage to miscarriage surgery caused by accidental pregnancy.Personal hygiene should be done during menstruation, miscarriage and puzzle. It is best to take a shower in bathing to reduce the invasion of bacteria during pots.Regular gynecological examinations, usually exercise more, improve your resistance and immunity.

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