Rumor: Shouldn’t the birth check in 8 weeks of pregnancy, shouldn’t you stop at 12 weeks of pregnancy?Everything is possible

Fan Fan Silk Rain Problem: Dr. Fu: I was normal for the birth check in the birth check in 8 weeks and 3 days. When 12 weeks and 6 days, the birth check was stopped, but there was no response, never bleed, my stomach was painful, and her appetite was better than before before.Okay, there are still early pregnancy reactions, will it be misdiagnosed?

Regarding fetal stop, the corresponding professional terms "natural abortion".Embin or fetus has not yet had survivability and is terminated by pregnancy, which is called abortion.

It occurred before the 12 weeks of pregnancy (<12 weeks of pregnancy), called early abortion; and those who occurred in 12 weeks (12 weeks ≤ pregnancy weeks <28 weeks), called advanced abortion.From the time of birth, it is fragile. After the embryo bed, 31%occur naturally, and 80%of them are early abortion.In the early pregnancy, about 2/3 of the abortion, which occurred before the menstrual period, also known as biochemical pregnancy.

Is it possible for the problem of Ms. Win -Silk Rain, is it possible that the test results are wrong, and the possibility is extremely low.If she is not assured, she can go to other regular hospitals to review B -ultrasound.

Will there be no reaction to the fetus stop?

The answer is yes.The manifestation of fetal stopping is that the early pregnancy response of the pregnant mother disappears, with a small number of vaginal bleeding, subsequent mandibrium lower abdominal pain or back pain, etc., or without any symptoms, the uterus will no longer increase or shrink.

How does the B -ultrasound be confirmed to be stopped?Is there a fetal stop without fetal heart?

This is not the case.There are also standards for diagnosis of tires to be diagnosed by vaginal ultrasound. See the figure below for details.

The incidence of natural miscarriage is about 15%, 80%of which are early abortion, and natural miscarriage causes serious damage to women’s physical and mental physical and mental physical and mental.What are the reasons for natural abortion?

1. Embryo factor chromosomal abnormalities are the most common causes of early abortion, accounting for about 50%to 60%.The chromosomal abnormalities include abnormal numbers and abnormal structures.The common numbers are 13, 18, and 21-three, followed by X monomers.Structural abnormalities, such as chromosomal balance, inverted position, lack, and chorus can also cause natural miscarriage.

2. Maternal factors

(1) Pregnant mothers suffer from severe infection, high fever, severe anemia, chronic consumer diseases, chronic liver and kidney diseases or hypertension systemic diseases, which can cause abortion.Pregnant women infected toxoplasma, rubella virus, and giant cell virus, which can infect fetuses and cause miscarriage.

(2) Reproductive organs abnormalities: uterine malformations, mucosal uterine fibroids, uterine adenomiasis, uterine cavity adhesion, etc., can affect embryonic bed development and abortion.Inadequate cervical function can cause late natural abortion in the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane.

(3) Bar reproductive organs: such as vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

(4) Endocrine abnormalities: maternal luteal dysfunction, high catalytic prolactin ledis, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc., hypothyroidism, poor blood sugar control, etc. also cause miscarriage.

(5) Strong stress: During pregnancy, severe physical stimulation (such as surgery, direct impact of the abdomen, frequent sexual intercourse) or psychological stimulus, anxiety, fear, sadness and other adverse stimuli can also cause abortion.

(6) Bad habits: Pregnant women smoke, alcoholism, excessive coffee, drug -absorbing drugs, etc., have reported reports of miscarriage.

(7) Immune function is abnormal: such as anti -phospholipid antibodies and antibody protein antibodies, which are clinically manifested as abortion and even repeated abortion; a few abortion also occurs in pregnant women with positive antibody antibodies and anti -thyroid antibodies.

3. Father factor Father’s chromosomal abnormalities can also cause abortion.

4. Excessive environmental factors can contact chemicals such as radiation, lead, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., which can cause abortion.

Which women do you like for fetal stopping?

The most common risk factor is the loss of older and previous pregnancy.The loss rate of early pregnancy between 20-30 years of pregnancy is 9-17%, the 35-year-old loss rate is 20%, 40 years old is 40%, and 45 years old reaches 80%.

The fetal stopping means that there are only one occurrence of natural abortion. What inspections do you need to do?Generally, no special examination is needed. If you are not assured, you can also recommend that Ms. Fortunately Ms. Silk Rain detects hormones for abdominal blood abdominal blood abdominal blood on the menstrual period.Waiting for pregnancy and endocrine diseases that may cause abortion.

What preparations do you need to prepare for your next pregnancy?

In the "Pre -pregnancy and Pregnancy Health Guide (2018)" (2018), the couple planned to be pregnant before pregnancy health education and guidance, the main content includes:

(1) Preparation and planned pregnancy, try to avoid older pregnancy.

(2) Reasonable nutrition and increase physical quality.

(3) Supplement 0.4 ~ 0.8 mg/d, or composite vitamins containing folic acid.Pregnant women who have previously given neurotic defects (NTD) need 4 mg of folic acid a day.

(4) Women who are preparing for pregnancy with genetic diseases, chronic diseases and infectious diseases should be evaluated and guided.

(5) Reasonable medication to avoid the use of drugs that may affect the normal development of the fetus.

(6) Avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances in life and professional environment (such as radiation, high temperature, lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic, pesticide, etc.), avoid close contact with pets.

(7) Change poor living habits (such as smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.) and lifestyle; avoid high -intensity work, high noise environment and domestic violence.

(8) Keep mental health, relieve mental stress, and prevent the occurrence of psychological problems during pregnancy and postpartum.

(9) Reasonable selection of exercise methods.

For all couples planned for pregnancy, conventional health care is as follows:

1. Evaluate high -risk factors before pregnancy:

(1) Ask the health status of the plan to be pregnant.

(2) Evaluate the history of chronic diseases, family history, and genetic medical history. Those who should not be pregnant should be tested in time.

(3) Detailed understanding of the history of bad pregnancy and the history of the previous childbirth, whether it is a scar uterus.

(4) Lifetime, diet nutrition, occupational conditions and working environment, exercise (labor), family violence, interpersonal relationships, etc.

2. Physical examination:

(1) Comprehensive physical examination, including cardiopulmonary hearing;

(2) Measure blood pressure, physical quality, and calculate the physical index (BMI);

(3) Conventional gynecological examination.

The required project includes the following items:

(1) Blood routine; (2) urine routine; (3) blood type (ABO and RH blood type); (4) liver function; (5) renal function; (6) empty blood glucose level; (7) HBSAG screening; ((7) screening;8) Screening of syphilis serum antibody; (9) HIV screening; (10) Mediterranean anemia screening (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and other regions).

The preparation project includes the following:

(1) Cervical cytology (those who did not investigate within 1 year); (2) TORCH screening [1-6, 9-10]; (3) vaginal secretion examination (conventional examination, and gonococci and sachetic primary examinations); (4) thyroid function test [17-18]; (5) 75 G oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), for high-risk women; (6) blood lipid level examination; (7) gynecological ultrasound examination; (8) ECG test(9) Chest X -ray examination.

In order to facilitate everyone’s memory, Dr. Fu Hong compiled a smooth, and the Treasure of Eugenics and Equipment of Equipment 2 Avoid 3 Avoid 3 Make 4 Precepts and 5 Controls.

1 Check: Pre -pregnancy health care provides physical examination, pre -pregnancy health guidance and genetic consulting services for couples who are preparing for pregnancy.It will be performed 3 to 6 months before the plan to conceive.

2 Avoid: (1) Avoid older fertility: Pregnant women with age refers to women over 35 years old.Studies have shown that the proportion of older pregnant women with stood hypertrophy, diabetes and front placenta is significantly increased, and it is more likely to cause dystocia.In addition, the incidence of fetal chromosome disease is significantly increased, especially the 21 -trisomy syndrome (congenital fool).

(2) Avoid contact with harmful substances: both couples who are preparing to get pregnant should try to avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances.Such as X -ray, lead, pesticides, two evils, etc.It should be pointed out that the couple should also understand the potential reproductive hazard factors of their workplace, and try to protect themselves from avoiding the impact of harmful factors.

3 supplement: During the first stage of pregnancy and pregnancy, a sufficient amount of folic acid can reduce the risk of spine bales and other severe birth defects by 72%.

The supplement of small -dose folic acid for small dose folic acid from three months before pregnancy (at least one month) to three months of pregnancy can effectively prevent the occurrence of neural tube malformation.In addition, high -risk groups should increase the dose of folic acid.If possible, it is recommended to supplement the vitamin for pregnant women during pregnancy.

4 ring: both husband and wife should quit smoking and alcohol.Pregnant women should also reduce caffeine intake.

Studies have shown that smoking and drinking affect the reproductive function of men.And pregnant women’s smoking and drinking are more harmful, which can cause fetal malformations, increase the possibility of abortion, death, and premature birth.Excessive caffeine also increases the possibility of fetal abortion.

5 control: Strict control of medication: If you are preparing to be pregnant, you should take a cautious attitude to the medication during pregnancy. When taking the medicine, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor, and choose to recognize that it is safe and not harmed the fetus.In particular, we must use new drugs carefully.

1 Check 2 Avoid 3 Make up 4 ring 5 controls. Did you remember your baby?

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