Rumor, goose eggs in the third trimester?Be careful of the fetal too much causes difficulty in giving birth

Today, a few of our friends went to visit my pregnant girlfriend together. When I arrived at her house, I couldn’t help but chat and talk.After a while, the mother -in -law’s mother -in -law brought corn to the girlfriend to soak water, so that the girlfriend first drank the water and chat.Suddenly, I can’t help but make me more curious.

I asked my girlfriend curiously: "My dear, why do you drink this thing?"

"Oh! Don’t mention, I don’t know who told my mother -in -law that she would go to fetal poison after 34 weeks of pregnancy. The child was good in the future, so she changed the method every day to collect these strange things.I’m sorry for her hard work. Now I eat a bowl of water every day, and I have to eat a goose egg every day. I can’t control it if I eat it. "The girlfriend expressed helplessness.

"Ah? What is fetal poison, why have I never heard of it when I was pregnant?" I asked in surprise.

"I don’t know, my mother -in -law also listened to others, I haven’t studied it carefully!"

"If there is no scientific basis for this kind of thing, try not to eat it, otherwise you don’t know what kind of consequences will appear!"

However, does the so -called "fetal poison" really exist? In fact, there is no such thing as fetal poison in modern medicine.The so -called fetal poison is just a fabricist who believes that if pregnant women have rash or newborn during pregnancy, jaundice, erythema, eczema and other problems are caused by fetal poison in the body.In fact, after pregnancy, the uterus increased. In addition to the fetus in the uterus, there are fetal accessories such as placenta, fetal membrane, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord.These tissues in the uterus have a protective effect on both pregnant women and fetuses and do not produce toxins.

1. What the people think

When her aunt is pregnant, she often eats goose eggs. She said that this can remove the fetal poison in the body and make the baby healthier.The saying that "tire clearance" is more popular in the southeast coastal areas. The older generation believes that the climate and water quality of the south are thermal, so pregnant women will have fetal poison in their bodies, which will affect their children. When children are born, they will develop rash and other phenomena.

2. What Chinese medicine is considered

"Young Integration" of the pediatrics of the Qing Dynasty recorded this: "Every fetal poisonous hair, such as insects, Liu Dan, wet sores, tuberculosis, heavy tongue wooden tongue, goose sores, fever with husband, tire cold, tire cold, Tingle, fetal yellow is also. "

The mood of pregnant women is changeable, and they are easy to get angry, so the phenomenon of internal heat attack will occur.After angry, pregnant women will feel upset, breast tenderness, phlegm, dampness, dampness, and wet poison.At this time, traditional Chinese medicine will prescribe some drugs with heat -clearing and detoxifying to help pregnant women reduce fire.

3. What modern medicine thinks

From the perspective of Western medicine, there is no so -called fetal poison during pregnancy.After the baby is born, eczema and other phenomena occur because mothers eat too much spicy or fried food during pregnancy. The body is overheated and the heat poison is passed to the children in the body.The internal heat constitution of the mother is not caused by fetal poison.

Parents should distinguish the rumors, and don’t listen to the wind.It is the 21st century. Many of us are scientific. We should resist as much as possible without scientific basis. Do not trust the rumors and do something that cannot be understood.

1. For pregnant women

Many people think that there are many toxins in pregnant women, so they try their best to remove fetal poison for pregnant women, and take some dehumidification and heat -clearing traditional Chinese medicine conditioning for pregnant women.In fact, some traditional Chinese medicines have no strict clinical research, and the side effects are also inevitable. The so -called drugs are poisonous, and the body of pregnant women has some impact.During pregnancy, the burden on the liver of pregnant women itself is heavier, and the role of drugs may cause abnormal liver function or even liver failure.

2. Fit

When pregnant women eat some recipes, some of these drugs will be absorbed by the placenta, and some recipes contain cinnabar. This is a traditional Chinese medicine component containing heavy metal mercury. This substance is likely to affect the child’s development and cause fetal malformations.The fetal palace is acute and chronic, and in severe cases, even in the palace.

3. Promotion of cholesterol for pregnant women

Because the child’s healthy body is wanting to clear the fetal poison for pregnant women, ordinary parents will find a lot of remedies to eat for pregnant women.For example, eating goose eggs, lotus must be cleared, and the baby’s fetal poison is used to use Huanglian, which are nonsense.Take the goose eggs, and appropriate consumption has a certain effect on the body of pregnant women; but if pregnant women have been eaten in large quantities for a long time, it will cause the cholesterol of pregnant women to rise, and even cause physical discomfort.Essence

If you want your baby to be good, the most important thing is the mood and nutritional balance of pregnant women.During pregnancy, it is necessary to ensure that pregnant women are comfortable and healthy and balanced, and the baby will naturally be healthy after birth. Therefore, parents should not be too anxious and worry about small things as big things.

1. Jaundice

What is jaundice? The so -called jaundice is a change in bilirubin in the body after the newborn is separated from the mother’s body, which directly leads to the baby’s skin experience a yellow -dyeing process visible to the naked eye.It can be seen that jaundice is not caused by the so -called fetal poison, nor does it mean that it can be removed by what pregnant women eat.For normal physiological jaundice, try to allow your baby to drink breast milk to speed up bowel movements and urination, and jaundice will disappear normally.If it is a pathological jaundice, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Eczema

The probability of eczema suffered from new babies is too high. Smalrous food and clothing allergies can cause children to have eczema.At present, no study shows that eating a certain food during pregnancy can cause children to have eczema.Therefore, what pregnant women eat to remove fetal poisoning will cause children not to eczema. The best way to remove eczema is moisturizing.You can wipe your children with moisturizing cream, because eczema is not because it is too wet, but because it is too dry!

3. Scar on the head of the newborn

After many babies are born, parents will find that their baby’s eyebrows will have a piece of scars. Even if they have just been washed off, they will grow out after two days.It is caused by the high level of estrogen carried by the birth of the fetus. This is not the so -called fetal poison, nor can it be removed by eating any food.If the baby grows a lot, you can wipe some vitamin E and then clean it gently, so that you can make

Mother Jing said: For the first time when my parents, we can understand everything about the child’s too anxious.However, parents should keep a sober and calm mind, don’t blindly believe in rumors, and pit children!

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