Rumor, pregnancy is just a mother need to replenish nutrition?This kind of nutrients are more effective in this nutrients.

Introduction: In October in October, the mother’s own physical condition, the nutrition of daily intake, and the mood of the mother are all closely related to the health of the fetus.

In October, the fetal growth and development of the fetus are different, and the mother needs to supplement the nutrition every month. The middle is still adjusted according to the growth and development of the fetus.

In October, do mothers supplement the right nutrition every month?

1. need to consume more folic acid to ensure sufficient folic acid in the body, so that the nervous system of the fetus develops in a better environment

In the first month of October, the Moon Moon started from the last menstrual period, and these mothers should also be pregnant, so they should first eat folic acid and wait for the little fetal treasure.

The first development of fetal treasure is the nervous system, and the development of the nervous system requires a lot of folic acid. Moms supplemented in advance to make fetal treasure better growth and development.

Folic acid can receive a six -month amount at a local health center or a maternal and children’s identity card.

2. When the fetal treasure is not known for the first month of pregnancy, the mother and dad are supplemented by zinc, which is more conducive to let the fetal treasure come smoothly.

When supplement folic acid, it is necessary to strengthen the supplement of zinc, which also helps the development of the fetal’s central nervous system. It can also prevent abortion and premature birth.Nut food.Note that at this time, it is recommended that the prospective dad also eat zinc supplement food, which is more beneficial to pregnant fetuses.

3. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the lack of iron before

Many women want to reduce their fetuses or do not like to eat meat, do not like to eat animal organs, and many pregnant mothers are not pregnant. They are deficient in iron. In the middle of pregnancy, due to the expansion of blood capacity, it will lead to the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.Integrated.

Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the supplement of iron when preparing for pregnancy. It is recommended that you eat red meat, such as lean meat, beef, etc., and eat animal liver twice a week.

4. Start drinking more milk and more bean food in the first month of pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the content of calcium is the same as during pregnancy. The amount of daily needs is 800 milligrams. If we do not have the habit of drinking milk, the daily intake of calcium has always been insufficient, so the first month of pregnancy starts starting to start in the first month of pregnancy.Consider starting to drink milk.

If the calcium intake of the mother is not enough, the fetus will be captured from the mother’s bones to meet her growth needs, and the blood calcium level of the mother will be reduced, and the mother will have back pain.Brain -healthy food, pregnant mothers can eat soy foods to help the baby’s brain development.

1. Be sure to consume sufficient and easy to digest and absorb protein and high -quality fatty acids

The intake of protein plays an important role in the development of cells in the body. It should be appropriately eaten with meat and soy foods.

High -quality fatty acids are mainly from plant oils. It is recommended to cook oil for cooking oil or flaxseed oil.

For example, milk, soy milk, eggs and other digestible proteins are okay.

2. Foods containing calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper

This month, not only should you supplement the nutrition of minerals, but more to add more folic acid. This month’s fetus is still small, and the nutritional amount you need to supplement does not require much.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat more light foods, such as vegetable heart vitamins and calcium content.

3. Foods with vitamin B6 and vitamin C

Vitamin B6 is a nemesis of pregnancy and vomiting. It can also alleviate gum bleeding. Moms can supplement vitamin C in an appropriate amount of vitamin C to relieve gum bleeding when brushing their teeth. Foods containing vitamin C include green pepper, cauliflower, cucumber and other fruits and vegetables.

Maltose contains high vitamin B6 components. Pregnant mothers eat 1 or 2 spoons of maltose every day not only inhibit vomiting, but also feel full of energy. Foods containing vitamin B6 also include bananas, pumpkin, spinach and other foods, but they still need to supplement the photography of folic acid.enter.

1. Add a lot of calcium

The development of fetal skeletal cells in the third month has accelerated, the limbs start to slowly grow, and the deposition of calcium salt slowly appear to make the bones hard. At this time, the mother needs to replenish a large amount of calcium.Congenital pheasant disease occurs, and the lack of calcium in mothers will affect her tooth condition and fetal teeth development.

Milk, bean food, sesame, and shrimp are rich in calcium.

2. Also supplement vitamin A

The whole process of fetal development cannot lack vitamin A. It can ensure the health of fetal skin, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs. Red foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and carrots contain carotene., Eat animal liver twice a week, iron supplementation and vitamin A.

1. Increase the intake of zinc minerals

This month’s pregnant mothers need to increase the intake of zinc. If the pregnant mother lacks zinc, it will affect the growth of the fetus in the palace, which will cause the fetal organs to develop poorly.Digestive and decreased immunity will make the baby develop slowly. Foods rich in zinc containing oysters, beef, sesame and other foods.

2. Ensure that your body is sufficient

The growth rate of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy is accelerated, and the most required supply of calories. The calories must be taken from the staple food, such as rice and noodles.B, symptoms such as muscle soreness and physical fatigue.

Generally, the appetite has gradually improved this month, so the amount of rice is also large.

1. Supplement vitamin D, calcium elements

After 5 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s brain, bones, facial features, limbs, and teeth develop very fast, and the demand for calcium will be particularly much, so the mothers must supplement the energy of calcium in this month;To ingest vitamin D, vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, and pregnant mothers can also eat more foods such as fish, eggs;

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a calcium tablet with calcium tablets to choose a higher absorption rate containing vitamin D.

2. Adhere to the "four young principles"

Shao Salt: Do not have more than 6 grams of salt the daily salt that pregnant mothers, especially those who like to drink soup, suggest that it is best to put some foods such as carrots or corn in the soup.Excessive intake and edema are prone to occur.

Less oil: Do not exceed 25 grams of daily oil and call for oil. Oil is pure fat. Excessive fat intake will not only lead to weight gain, but also cause diarrhea.

Less sugar: Pregnant mothers should reduce sugar and eat in the diet. Do not put sugar when cooking. Usually eat sugar -containing drinks.Even more sweet fruits eat less or even not eat.

On the one hand, it is easy to cause gestational diabetes; on the other hand, due to the prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, high sugar is more likely to cause dental loss such as dental caries.

Less spicy: Try to eat spicy ingredients as little as possible, which is easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing other situations such as diarrhea.

1. Pay attention to high -speed rail food intake

The nutritional demand for pregnant mothers and babies increased significantly, the blood capacity of pregnancy increased during pregnancy, and after the iron was diluted, it was more prone to anemia.

Moms must start the food that starts to take more iron in this month. Not only should I consume iron, but also pay attention to the intake of vitamin C to better promote the absorption of iron.

Foods containing iron are mainly red meat and animal internal organs, animal blood.Vitamin C is rich and food tomatoes, green peppers, various green leafy vegetables.

2. Drink more milk or eat more about milk foods

After 5 months of pregnancy, the growth of fetal bones accelerated; after the 6th month, the fetal bones began to be calcified, and the deciduous teeth had begun to be calcified (at the root of the teeth) and the calcium required by the pregnant mother.

Mom Jing suggested that pregnant mothers drink at least 500 ml of milk every day from the 5th month. If you can’t drink, pay attention to supplementing calcium in other forms.

1. Properly eat walnuts, sesame, peanuts and other brain -health foods

The development of the fetal brain at 7 months of pregnancy has entered a peak period, which is rapidly proliferated and differentiated for brain cells, and the volume increases. It can make the baby’s brain neuropathy sufficient to nourish. Pregnant mothers should increase lipids and necessary unsaturated fatty

You need to eat some brain -brain foods such as walnuts, sesame, peanuts, and peanuts; vegetable oils can consider eating linen oil, tea oil and other foods.However, excessive fat can easily lead to too fast fetal growth and development. Every day, walnuts and sesame seeds are controlled within 15 grams a day.

2. Supplement a sufficient amount of "brain gold"

"Brain Gold" is a synthesis of DNA, EPA, brain phospholipids, lecithin and other substances. It has two benefits for mothers who are pregnant for 7 months. One is to prevent premature birth.constitution.

At this time, the fetal nervous system is gradually improved, and the development speed of the whole body is faster than early pregnancy. Intractioning enough "brain gold" can also ensure the normal development of the baby’s brain and retinal.

The fish food contains a large amount of DHA, especially sea fish. It is recommended to eat sea fish two or three times a week. You can eat fresh water fish every day.

1. The thickness of the staple food

At the eighth month of pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate of pregnant mothers increased to the highest peak, and the growth rate of the fetus also reached its highest peak. This month, the fetus began to store glycogen and fat on the liver and subcutaneous. In addition to high -quality protein, iron, calcium, etc.In addition to nutrition, mothers should ensure the supply of calories in August. At this time, if the fetus does not have too much appetite, it should be better.

It is recommended that some black rice, red rice, oats, corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains are added to the rice. Not only can it increase the sense of satiety, it can also supplement B vitamins to prevent constipation.

1. Add more food fiber, celery, carrots and other dietary fiber

In the second trimester, the baby’s gradually increased, which will compress the rectum, which will cause constipation to be more serious, so it is important to eat more foods with high dietary fiber, and you should also pay attention to exercise frequently.

2. Eat some vegetables to prevent liver fire too prosperous

Moms eat more foods that will reduce fire, purple cabbage, talent, watermelon and other minerals are rich in minerals. With the high content of calcium, magnesium, and silicon, they have the function of soothe the nerves and reducing fire.

1. Supplement high protein foods for breastfeeding

When mothers get in the third trimester, there will be a lot of protein demand. In the last ten weeks, the fetus needs more protein to ensure tissue synthesis and rapid growth.

During the childbirth process, the loss of the body and postpartum bleeding need to supplement a lot of protein. The protein contains a large amount of amino acids and is the basic substance that repair the tissue and organs.

During pregnancy, protein is abundant, and the amount of lactation in the postpartum will be very strong and good. It is recommended that pregnant women inject 85 grams per day in the late pregnancy.Fish, meat, eggs, milk must be eaten.

2. Eat more foods about vitamin B1

In addition to supplementing various vitamins, the most important thing is vitamin B1. If vitamin B1 is insufficient, it will easily cause adverse symptoms such as vomiting in mothers. It will also interfere with uterine contraction during childbirth and cause childbirth difficulties.

Written at the end:

It is not easy to conceive in October. In addition to paying attention to nutrition, mothers should also pay attention to the timely inspection and exercise frequently, so that the mother can meet the healthy babies in a better state.

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