Rush on the hot search!A company executive’s wife violent wife was suspended!Suspected of the woman’s voice: I was beaten during pregnancy, and confinement was scolded …

Yesterday (January 19), a netizen broke the news that a government staff member of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province had a domestic violence wife. In the video, the husband beaten his wife in front of the child. The child was scared and caught attention.

The behavior of the man’s domestic violence wife has attracted widespread attention, and related topics have also rushed to Weibo hot search.

The official rumor of Xianyang: The man is not a staff member of the Government of Xianyang City

At 23:00 that night, the information of the Internet illegal and bad information reporting center of Xianyang City announced that the information of the "Xianyang Municipal Government Staff’s domestic violence" information was not true.Essence

The announcement is as follows:

At 13:00 on January 19th, the Weibo account "To my forthcoming youth" released text and video information, saying that "the staff of a certain department of Xianyang City Government has domestic violence."

In this regard, the relevant departments of our city attach great importance to and immediately conduct a verification.After verification, the man who implemented a family atrocities in the video information is not a staff member of our city. He has now transferred clues to the public security organs for processing and investigated an account that publishes false information.

Please do not believe in rumors and rumors to maintain clear network space.

Xi’an Police Report: The case has been filed

On the afternoon of the 20th, the Qiaoqiao Branch of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau issued a police report.

On January 19, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau’s Qiaoqiao Branch received Wang Mou’s alarm saying that he was violent by his husband Wang Wang at home.After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation.

After investigation, on January 18, the husband and wife had a spoke of trivial matters, and Wang Fei beat his wife Wang.The case is currently being handled according to law.

Men’s company issued a document:

The man was suspended and handed over to the Discipline Inspection Commission for processing

Who is the man who is beating?

On the morning of January 20th, the newly registered "Shaanxi Airport New Silk Road Trading Co., Ltd." posted information on Weibo:

"Shaanxi Airport New Silk Road Trading Co., Ltd. is concerned about Wang Pengfei, deputy manager of the company’s comprehensive department, and beating his wife, which has strongly condemned his domestic violence! After the company’s research decision, Wang Pengfei was suspended and handed over to the Group’s Discipline Inspection Commission for further investigation.The person in charge came home to visit and condolences to his wife. "

Wang Pengfei’s company issued an announcement

According to upstream news, the reporter called Shaanxi Airport New Silk Road Trading Co., Ltd., and the company’s contact phone number was unaware.

The reporter then dialed the contact phone number of the Discipline Inspection Office (Supervisory Office) of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Airport Group. A staff member of a disciplinary committee responded to the relevant situation: "We have received relevant reports on the evening of yesterday (19th).Pay attention to the investigation now, and then we will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law and regulations. "

For "Shaanxi Airport New Silk Road Trading Co., Ltd." Weibo released on January 20th, Wang Pengfei, deputy manager of the company’s comprehensive department, was suspended for investigation for the investigation of his wife, and the staff of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Airport Group confirmed: "Yes, now it has been suspended and accepts.In the survey, his name and position were also checked. "Then the staff also said that the Airport Group will announce the results of the investigation on the official website later.

Suspected of the woman’s voice: I was beaten when I was pregnant, I was scolded in confinement, and he threw the child hard

According to upstream news reports, on the evening of January 19th, netizens "no interesting enthusiasts" posted a large number of long articles on personal Weibo, suspected to be the painful marriage of the woman in the domestic violence incident:

"This is the same behavior of Wang Peng’s beast. From our engagement to marriage, my parents understand that their family conditions are not good. When we are more than 80,000, our family color gift only takes 60,000.I went back 10,000, and I did n’t mention anything else. I just said that everything was simple. As a result, their house did not decorate, a piece of furniture, a house appliance did not buy it, or even the cheap things were covered by the sheets.I didn’t complain about it, just thinking about people, but I thought everything was wrong. I never thought that the domestic violence again and again would happen to me. I never thought that a child’s father would treat his daughter to his daughterSay such a vicious words. "

The woman who was suspected of being in the domestic violence also told the cold encounters after pregnancy and production: "Later, no one had called Wang Pengfei at home and asked … including confinement, they didn’t ask."By the age of 1, my mother gave me a baby 24 hours a day. For more than 2 years, their family went to see the children not more than 5 times. "

For Wang Pengfei’s domestic violence, the woman suspected of being a domestic violence said it was not the first time: "It’s not the first time to hit me. I hit me when I was pregnant.When I was angry, I was angry and threw my baby on the bed, and I forgot too many times in the back. "

The woman who is suspected to be in the domestic violence and the painful marriage of Wang Pengfei

Weibo screenshot

According to upstream news, the reporter privately sent the Weibo users and hoped to get more information. As of the deadline (11 o’clock on January 20), she had not responded to the information.

"Zero tolerance! Home violence is not a housework!"

The People’s Daily commented that the coat of violence on the "home" is still violent, and the domestic violence is tolerated!

Chinese Women’s Daily: "Zero tolerance!"

Chinese Women’s Daily also commented on Weibo on Weibo, "Zero tolerance! Home violence is not a housework!"

We hope and believe that the relevant departments can investigate as soon as possible so that the domestic violence will be punished.No matter what excuses, domestic violence cannot be forgiven and reasonable.Family violence is no longer a housework, but an illegal act that can be punished.According to Article 33 of the "Anti -Family Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China", the harmful person’s implementation of family violence and constitutes a violation of public security management, shall be punished in accordance with the law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

Shaanxi Women’s Federation: It will provide legal aid and psychological assistance according to the needs of the violent parties

On the morning of the 20th, the official Weibo of the Women’s Federation of Shaanxi Province@20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 is highly concerned about Wang Pengfei’s family violence incident, and strongly condemn the violence.Provide legal aid, psychological help, etc.

13 characteristics of potential domestic violence

Source: People’s Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Upstream News, Life Times, Public Information

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