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Xiaoshu today.The hottest Sanfu Tian is coming to the year. Next Tuesday (July 11) is the beginning, and the season of "winter disease and summer" Tianxue post is also here.At the beginning of this year, a wave of "Yangkang" people also had conditional needs.

Recently, many hospitals in Guangzhou have announced the timetable for Sanfu Tian moxibustion.The reporter learned from the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine that more than 20,000 citizens went to posting Tianxue on the same day.According to reports, this year, the content of the "Yangkang" conditioning for citizens has increased the content of "Yangkang", and has a targeted configuration of acupuncture points and prescriptions.Experts are particularly reminded that Tianxue needs to be selected by doctors to identify the acupoint. Do not apply it by themselves to prevent symptomatic or cause meridian fatigue.

This year’s moxibustion time, Fuqian moxibustion is July 1 (Saturday); the first Fu is July 11 (Tuesday); the middle Fu is July 21 (Friday);(Monday); the end of August 10 (Thursday);Specific application time and participation methods, citizens can consult various hospitals nearby.

Tian moxibustion insists on two or three years, the effect is better

Li Ziping, the inheritor of Lingnan Traditional Sky Moxibustion and Director of the Acupuncture Clinic of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that Lingnan Traditional Tiantu Therapy is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicine therapies in Lingnan.The role of prevention and treatment.Choose the treatment of Tianmu at the beginning of the beginning, middle, and the end of the year, because Sanfu Tian is the hottest solar term of the year, the temperature is humid and dull, the leakage is leaked, and the sweat is increased.The heatstroke prevention and cooling are too cold, so that the yang qi is deficient in the body. At this time, the Xinwen drugs that are warm and cold, sputum, and pumping, and painful pain can be used to stimulate acupuncture pointsThe role, and then regulating human immunity, is in line with the theory of "spring and summer" in Chinese medicine.

However, Tianxin therapy is to improve immunity to achieve immunity to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases and diseases.In principle, it is a course of treatment 3 times. In order to strengthen and consolidate the efficacy, sometimes it will increase by 1-2 times according to the specific circumstances, and at least 3 consecutive courses (persist for 3 years).

Which people are suitable for Sky Moxibustion?

Li Ziping said that according to the clinical observation of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the past 30 years, people who are suitable for any constitution are suitable for any physical fitness, yang deficiency, and wind and dampness patients.

Sky moxibustion suitable diseases include lung -related diseases (such as allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic emphysema, etc.), chronic pharyngitis, body deficiency and cold, and also suitable for Tianxin;Lumbar and leg pain, various arthritis, tennis elbow, stomach pain, dysmenorrhea and other pains, insomnia, chronic enteritis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, libido, enuresis and other patients are also suitable for dynamic moxibustion.

After "Yang Kang", you can also adjust the moxibustion

"The outpatient clinic found that many citizens have sequelae such as fatigue, chest tightness, poor sleep, weakness of sleep, cough, etc., so this year has also made targeted improvements in acupoints and prescriptions."The acupuncture points for nourishing the lungs and spleen, the prescription also adjusted accordingly, around the common performance of the new sequelae of the new crown, and the choice of acupoint focuses on adjusting the lungs and spleen, such as Feishu, Sipu, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, etc.Effect.

Tiantu notice:

1. Paste the drugs on the back, abdomen, waist, legs and other parts. It is recommended to choose loose clothes as much as possible. Do not wear dresses.

2. When applying medicine, the back skin should be kept dry, and it is not advisable to exercise violently after the medicine.

3. Adults generally applied for 30 to 60 minutes. Children’s time is decreasing, and babies under 2 years of age are cautious.

4. Pregnant women and women should not be treated with moxibustion during menstruation; patients with fever should not.

5. After the medicine is pasted, the skin has slight burning, tingling sensation, redness of skin redness, etc. It is normal. If necessary, you can apply skin ointment to slow down the symptoms of discomfort.Grab infection, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time.

6. During the period of Tianxue, you should pay attention to the diet should be light and easy to digest into it. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat less greasy and spicy foods; it is not advisable to eat "hair products", such as poultry, beef, seafood, etc.

Sanfu Tianyang health care can also be done

Sanfu Tian, in addition to Tianxue, daily health care is also important.Li Ziping suggested that daily home furnishings can use moxibustion, acupuncture massage, or meridians to health.

Moxibustion can take acupuncture points, Guan Yuan, and Qihai to subsidize yang; you can add ginger Ai leaf when soaking your feet. Pay attention to soaking your feet with water temperature, soak until you sweat slightly.Is it so hot in summer, is it suitable for soaking hot springs?Li Ziping said that it is actually suitable.Because at the time of Sanfu Tian, the temperature is the highest and humid, sultry, leaky, and sweat increased, which often leads to too much yang, or because of heatstroke prevention, it is too cold to be cold and cold, so that the yang is deficient in the body, soIn the summer, soaking feet and hot springs to make the body’s yang develop in the body, which is in line with the theory of "Spring and Summer Yangyang" in Chinese medicine to achieve the effect of preventing diseases and diseases.

In summer, you can also use the sun to make up for the sun, but the hot weather should avoid noon to avoid heat stroke. It is best to take a walk outdoors outdoors before 8 am or after 5 pm.

So what should I pay attention to when I have a diet?

Li Ziping said that the diet of Sanfutian should pay attention to the light and easy to digest, and eat less greasy and spicy food.Probably three points:

First, the supply of protein is sufficient: the summer temperature is high, the human body’s metabolism increases faster, and the energy consumption is large. You can eat some meat, such as mutton, chicken, lean pork, etc.

The second is that the foods that nourish and nourish yin are indispensable: the weather is hot, sweating more, and it is easy to consume Qi and Yin. In addition to replenishing water in time, you should also eat some qi to nourish yin and light food to enhance your physique.Such as yam, jujube, eggs, milk, honey, etc.

The third is to increase the intake of spleen and damp food: lentils and barley kernels have a good effect of spleen and dampness.(All media reporters Zhou Jieying correspondent Song Liping and Wu Yuan Group)

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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