Science | Can I drive in pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?Remember these 4 points, don’t worry at all

Many expectant mothers are full of concerns about driving during pregnancy. From a scientific perspective, we will not give the advice of "unable to open". Modern women have strong independence.We interpret people’s concerns and precautions for driving during pregnancy through the form of question and answer, so that you can easily understand.

Answer: It is safe to drive during pregnancy. You have to have enough confidence in yourself. During this period, you may not be able to sit down easily. Please adjust the seat appropriately and find a posture that you think is the most comfortable. As long as you can easily touch the steering wheel, you can easily touch the steering wheelAnd the pedal, this is safe.

Answer: It is very important to wear a seat belt correctly.At any time, as long as you sit in the car, you should tie a seat belt, even if it is more uncomfortable than usual.What you have to do is to avoid passing the seat belt from the stomach, and put it as much as possible in the stomach, above the thigh, it can protect the safety of you and your baby.

Answer: Whether you are pregnant or not, it is important not to drive with a sitting position close to the steering wheel. The firebags need to have a certain space. If it is too close, it may cause damage.It should not be a worry about driver during pregnancy. It can prevent head damage in collision, which is a very important safety barrier.

Answer: 1. Avoid rapid acceleration and sudden braking, which will make your baby feel uncomfortable and will make you nervous;In addition, these items may cause harm to you and your baby; 3. During pregnancy, driving is only applicable to urban commuting, and you should not drive at high speed, long -distance or long -term driving.

In October and the birth of a new life, it is a big deal for everyone. It is a special period during pregnancy, but no matter whether it is driving or other things, you don’t have to be too nervous.It is the most important thing to maintain optimism and confidence.(Thank you for paying attention to the "Wind Train Review", see you every day)

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