Science of women and children | How to deal with anemia during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers will have anemia during pregnancy, most of which are iron deficiency anemia. This is because pregnancy reactions, fetal growth and development will cause less iron intake and consumption, and then induce iron deficiency anemia.

How do you think you are anemia?When pregnant mothers begin to have symptoms such as fatigue, pale, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations and other symptoms, they must start to be vigilant.Of course, it is clear that the diagnosis depends on hemoglobin. The World Health Organization recommends that the concentration of hemoglobin during pregnancy is <110g/L is pregnancy and anemia, of which 100-109g/L is mild anemia, 70-99g/L is moderate anemia, 40-69g/L is severe anemia, <40g/L is extremely severe anemia.In addition, domestic guidelines recommend that serum iron protein concentration is less than 20ug/L as iron deficiency. Anemia caused by iron deficiency is called iron deficiency anemia.

Some people think that anemia does not need to take medicine, just supplement.It should be noted here that when iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia occurs, the iron stored on behalf of the mother’s body has been exhausted. At this time, it is difficult to supplement through food. This requires oral iron to improve.Inject iron injection or infusion of red blood cells under the guidance of doctors.

Some pregnant mothers will also worry that anemia will affect the development of the baby. Everyone does not need to be too anxious. Anemia with anemia with a reasonable diet, anemia will be effectively improved.

What should I pay attention to when using anemia?

1. The effect of oral iron at 1h before meals is the best, but in order to reduce the gastrointestinal reaction, it is recommended to use it during or after meals.

2. Vitamin C tablets can promote iron absorption.

3. When using calcium and iron at the same time, it should be separated by more than 2 hours.

4. Correct partial eclipse, picky eaters, high -protein diet, and ingesting more iron -rich foods such as red meat, fish, animal blood, sesame, laver, celery, etc.Consistent vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can promote iron absorption.

5. The containing tannic acid in strong tea and coffee will affect the absorption of iron, and should be avoided during medication.Milk and dairy products will also inhibit iron absorption and should be used intervals.

"I can’t use it as soon as I take anemia. Can I not use it?" "Is the stool black not absorbed?" Many pregnant mothers will have such trouble. The stool is black because the iron absorption is not complete, which is normal.In addition, the weakening of intestinal peristalsis of iron is likely to cause constipation. During the medication, it consumes more foods rich in cellulose, and regular bowel movements are kept unobstructed.If constipation is serious or has other serious adverse reactions, it is recommended to replace anemia in time.

[Li Yanchen, Department of Pharmacy, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Tengzhou City]]

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