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(This is the question that expectant mothers are most concerned about)

Discuss with your family and determine the delivery hospital as soon as possible.

The menstruation was suspended for 6-8 weeks, and the morning was produced in an empty stomach.

Tips: Within 6 weeks of menopause, if you have symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or severe vomiting, you must see the emergency department in time.

The obstetrician will ask your situation and check all inspections required for construction.Including blood routine blood type, urine routine, biochemical, AIDS poisoning hepatitis B, hypotette, iron protein, coagulation, electrocardiogram, early pregnancy B -ultrasound (need to make an appointment) and so on.

Tips: If you have to have a history of internal medicine, surgery, or special medical history, allergies, or surgery, you must take the initiative to tell your doctor.

Go to the community hospital to handle the "Beijing Mother and Child Health Archives".

After the test is completed, please bring the results and "Mother and Child Health Files", hang the production account number, and go through the pre -construction formalities.

When the doctor pre -built the file, the NT ultrasound will be opened (you need to make an appointment, and you are generally done at about 12-13+weeks).

You can build files on the day of NT ultrasound.On the day of the establishment, there is no need to be an empty stomach. Doctors will check you to evaluate the risk of pregnancy.

Tips: If you have a medical examination report within one year, it is recommended to carry.

After the file is built, you need a regular check -up ~



Maternity frequency

A total of about 12 production examinations are required during pregnancy.When there are special circumstances, the number of output checks may be more.

12-28 weeks of pregnancy: every four weeks of delivery.

28-36 weeks of pregnancy: once every two weeks of delivery.

36-40 weeks of pregnancy: once a week for delivery.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy: 3 days of delivery every 3 days.According to the condition, if there is no labor in the past 40 weeks or nearly 41 weeks, it is necessary to induce labor.



Inspection content

After the files are built, the items for each check -up must be: blood pressure, weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart.Regular blood and urine tests.In addition, special inspections include:

About 12-13 weeks of pregnancy: NT ultrasound.

About 15-20 weeks of pregnancy: Tang’s screening.

Tang Si is also called "serum examination during pregnancy", which evaluates the risk of fetal suffering from 21 trisomy syndrome, open spine bifida, and 18 trisomy syndrome.If high risk or critical risk is detected, you need amniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive DNA.

Some pregnant women, because of certain situations, doctors suggest that they directly do non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture.

Tip 1: To make Tang’s screening, it is necessary to take an empty stomach.The so -called "empty stomach" means that for at least 8 hours of fasting, you can drink a small amount of white water.Common medicines are available.

Tip 2: Tang Si results generally take the result one week after blood drawing.After getting the results, you must find a doctor in time to see it ~

24-28 weeks of pregnancy: OGTT test (also known as "sugar"), screen for gestational diabetes.

Tips: To make sugar, you need to take an empty stomach. Please use a scaled water cup to dissolve 75g of glucose powder with 300ml boiling water before the hospital (the doctor will open it for you in advance).The specific precautions will inform the doctor in advance.

28-32 weeks of pregnancy: Pelvic measurement.

28-30 weeks of pregnancy: B-ultrasound screening fetal malformations and assessing fetal development.

Starting 34-36 weeks of pregnancy (pregnant women with complications start 32-34 weeks of pregnancy): each birth check of fetal heart monitoring

Tips: Do not take the empty stomach as much as possible, and wear loose clothes to expose your abdomen.Come on two fetal heart monitoring straps.

35-37 weeks of pregnancy: B-ace Bacteria detection.

37 weeks of pregnancy and production expert outpatient checkup: To do B -ultrasound, experts for prenatal evaluation, and estimate the method of childbirth.

40 weeks of pregnancy: review ultrasound.

On the day of the checkup, it is recommended that you measure an empty stomach weight at home.

Please rest for at least five minutes after the obstetric outpatient clinic, and then measure blood pressure at the section.Avoid volatile blood pressure due to mental tension or walking or going up the stairs.

The first pregnancy test, Tang’s screening, OGTT test, 28-30 weeks of pregnancy, and 37 weeks of pregnancy require an empty stomach.Other pregnancy tests do not require an empty stomach.

The ultrasound of the middle and late pregnancy (after 13 weeks) does not need to urinate.Under special circumstances, if the ultrasound is needed, the doctor will inform the doctor in advance.For example, when placental positioning (except the prefix or placenta implantation), check the lower paragraph (scarring of cesarean section, except scar pregnancy).

The urine checking routine during pregnancy, please pay attention to the following points: drink plenty of water, leave urine when you have a large amount of urine; clean the vulva before leaving urine samples; leave the middle urine.

If pregnant women encounter special circumstances, the birth checkup comes early or late for a week, usually the problem is not big.What needs to be reminded is that if you encounter fever, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, shortness of chest tightness, abdominal pain, multiple diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, vaginal hemorrhage or flow fluid, abnormal fetal movement, worsening edema, etc.Emergency consultation!

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