Seeing red as soon as you are pregnant, you must know these knowledge

Many pregnant mothers meet with red early pregnancy, and are worried about whether they are threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, and so on.Seeing redness of pregnancy is physiological and red, and there is pathological redness, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.Pay attention to the amount of bleeding, abdominal pain, dizziness, etc., just seek medical treatment in time.I wish you a good pregnancy ~

Pregnancy discontinuation is the inherent concept of everyone, but this is not the case. There is still a phenomenon of "menstruation" after pregnancy. What should I do if women have such symptoms?

The phenomenon of seeing redness generally occurs in the early pregnancy, that is, before 12 weeks of pregnancy.In addition to early pregnancy, in addition to nausea, vomiting, breast pain and other early pregnancy reactions, sometimes "vaginal bleeding" also occurs, and it is rarely seen on the underwear, and many of them are like menstrual flow.The so -called menstruation after pregnancy, but it is vaginal bleeding.

What causes after pregnancy can cause early pregnancy bleeding?

First, fertilized eggs bleed in bed.After conception, pregnant women will still have a small amount of menstrual bleeding in that month, and generally have no other accompanying symptoms (such as abdominal pain and menstrual discomfort).This may be just a physiological reaction of fertilized eggs in bed.This situation does not need to be treated, as long as it is kept clean.

The second is the endometrium falling off.Due to individual differences, some women have a low level of progesterone secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, resulting in a small part of the endometrium continued to fall off, but the menstrual flow is much less than the normal menstrual period.Until three months of pregnancy, the placental formation is formed that the estrogen and progesterone in women’s body remain at a higher level, and the endometrium will no longer fall off, and menstruation will not come again.

In addition, ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion, and embryo stopping can also cause early pregnancy bleeding.About half of patients with early pregnancy will experience ectopic pregnancy or abortion, and half of them will continue to pregnancy until childbirth.

Patients with early pregnancy should do a few times:

1. Reduce activity (nor can you not always bed can’t afford)

2. Carefully observe the vaginal secretions. When there are meat -like tissues, it is necessary to keep it to the doctor.

3. When there are obvious abdominal pain or bleeding like menstrual flow and dizziness, you must go to the consultation in time to avoid the timing of rescue due to delay in bleeding from extra -uterine pregnancy.

4. If there are no symptoms (abdominal pain, bleeding, dizziness, etc.), regular blood drawing should be checked on a regular basis, generally checking at least every 3 days.

Early pregnancy is an important period of embryonic development. If the embryo is unstable, once an accident occurs, it is easy to cause damage or even abortion to embryo development.Therefore, once you find paroxysmal lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, you should seek medical treatment early.

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