Selina burst!Traveling alone for 8 months to get pregnant, revealing her boyfriend’s derailment scandal

Selina, the latest melon you will not think of!

On July 15, the Taiwan media broke out a huge gossip, and Selina was traveling alone when she was 8 months pregnant.Surprisingly, it is rumored that she and her boyfriend conflict because of discovering his various betrayal actions, which made her feel painful and disappointed.However, with the support and persuasion of friends, she made a bold decision.Netizens who heard the news expressed incredible: Is this really outrageous?Taiwan media definitely dare to break the news!

According to the inside story disclosed by Taiwan media:

1. Selina has decided to play the role of "single mother" and resolutely decide to raise the child alone.

2. At present, she is enjoying a holiday alone. During the last holiday before pregnancy, she was with a big belly, but she was accompanied by her boyfriend.

3. Before that, there seems to be a long time in the photos of life shared by Selina.

After hearing the exclusive breaking news of Taiwan media, many netizens have published comments:

"Is this true? The ugly man is more strange, and the boyfriend is really difficult to get rid of it. Can you do such a thing?"

"I feel that Selina’s travel is not very good, it is likely that this is true, I just hope this is just a rumor!"

"I didn’t expect at all, the happiest of their women’s group turned out to be our cute" false boy ‘ella! (Laughing cry) "

"I really started to doubt that when Selina chose her boyfriend for the child …"

Of course, many netizens said:

"Don’t make a rumor, why can’t we want her to live well?"

Whether or not it is true, I hope Selina can stand up and clarify.As long as she rumors, all public opinion will naturally be shattered.However, if all this is true, I believe she will be able to accept it strongly and faced bravely!After all, she has seen a lot of wind and rain. What do you think?

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