Selina Ren Jiaxuan announced her pregnancy, the child’s name is Caushuo

On March 13th, Ren Jiaxuan, a member of the Taiwanese artist and a member of the S.H.E group, posted on Weibo: "Thank you sincerely, happy, and share the good news with you. I ~ Huai ~ pregnancy ~ baby, the baby in my belly, I named ” ” ‘Small waist fruit ‘! Why? Welcome to listen to my show’ to let go and solve it ‘! (Hahaha! Do not forget to promote it) Add to say:’ So cute nickname, like it.Neutral, men and women, sweet and salty, can be skinned or naughty. ‘I said:’ Limp fruit ~ curved, smiling eyes.Mom hopes that cashew fruit is a happy child. "

Selina announced the pictures of pregnancy.

According to Taiwan media, she announced the news of pregnancy on Weibo and Radio on March 13 this year, and she is currently 12 weeks of pregnancy.Selina revealed that I felt that my body was uncomfortable after staying up late and across the year. I wanted to talk about testing every few days, and two lines appeared immediately. "Do you think I am so serious? What is going on?"The pregnancy test stick test, when it comes to the excitement, I was moved to cry, and frankly sprayed the tears on the spot. "I want to be a mother, I really cry."

She also wrote a poem to the child: "In March last year, I introduced Xiao Xu to write the first oil poem. For fairness, this year’s oil poem will be given to the small cashews! Women’s fourth and one flower, lucky life is germinated, Cherish each other’s pace, please eat sugar with great joy. Spring is blooming, and my cashew fruit is here. "

In March 2022, Selina was photographed holding hands with her boyfriend who was several years old. She posted a post on Weibo to respond to the relationship: "Forty -one women’s flowers, lucky love is germinated, cherish the same steps, small loveLittle love, please eat melon. Spring is blooming, and my spring is here. "

At the end of March, the two attended Huang Zijiao’s 50th birthday banquet together, and Selina’s boyfriend’s appearance was officially exposed.

In April, Selina was interviewed with a new relationship. He admitted that he felt that his boyfriend was young at first, so he had no idea about him.Later, she learned that her boyfriend and friend revealed: "I want to be my Xiu Jiekai", and I think my boyfriend is very cute and warm.She also said: "I cherish myself very much, I enjoy myself more and more."

In May, Selina stated that she and her boyfriend stated that "I wo n’t marry anymore." If her boyfriend proposes well, she will promise but not register, and bluntly say "it is better to tie and restrict us with anything, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us, it is better to restrict us.Communicate well and continue the heat. "

On the day of Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year, Selina also posted her photo with her boyfriend, and she was so loving: "Today, I really ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! Thank you yourself, and thank you."

Selina took a group photo with her boyfriend outside the circle.

As soon as the good news came out, Ella and Hebe also congratulated Selina’s pregnancy.Ella said: "I am very happy for my wife, I am convinced that this is a gift from God, and I look forward to the arrival of a new life. Now I just want to sing: welcome, this beautiful new world, move one by one, so happyHebe said: "At the same time, my wife’s body is too young and healthy! I look forward to the arrival of new life."

Selina was born in 1981 and made his debut in S.H.E in 2001.In 2010, she was severely burned on the set accident.In 2011, she married her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong, and broke up peacefully in 2016.

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