Seven months of pregnancy became "a light", but was questioned by netizens. Is Gina’s "thin" reasonable?

The survey of pregnant women in 8 cities in China in 2011 ~ 2012 show that 43.2%of pregnant mothers have the problem of excess nutrition. At the same time, 22.9%of pregnant mothers have insufficient nutrition.

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As the material life is extremely rich, mothers no longer have to worry about eating as much as in the past, but diet nutrition is not just as simple as full.

Blood sugar and weight management during pregnancy have always been a major event. Some pregnant mothers can make up for it, but they are too large and difficulty in childbirth. Some pregnant mothers are worried about getting fat and diet.question.

Gina has frequently come out to show affection and dog food frequently since she got married with Langlang, and often "hangs" on hot search, especially since Gina’s pregnancy, her thin body has always been the focus of attention of netizens’ attention.Essence

Before pregnancy, Gina had always been controversial on the Internet for its bumpy body. Some people thought that this was a perfect figure, but some people thought it was the aesthetic backstream of "catering to a straight man".

After pregnancy, Gina also properly showed the devil’s constitution of "long tires and not long meat". Only the lower abdomen was slightly bulging. Other places still did not see the slightest fat.At the same time, many doubts have also ushered in.

On the 9th, Gina’s "salad photo" wearing a haze blue sweater on the social platform may be the reason for the loose clothes. Gina who was 7 months pregnant could not show her pregnancy.

However, the style of the comment area is concentrated in the aspects of "male aesthetics" and "marketing figures". Some netizens vomited: "Good guy, now women are not even big."

The life of female celebrities always attracts much attention, and there must always be some pressure behind the light.

Indeed, for a pregnant woman, Gina’s figure is quite thin, and netizens worry that the baby’s health is not unreasonable.

Today, Zhu Dan, who has just announced the second child, has swollen legs and plain appearance when she is pregnant. She also revealed in the show that when she was in the boss, the entire pregnancy increased by more than 60 pounds.

And Chen Yihan said in the "Happiness Triors" program that he insisted on exercising during pregnancy, and he only got 4 kilograms throughout pregnancy.

Such a huge weight contrast between actresses can’t help but wondering: Is it better to be fat during pregnancy, or is it thin?

The scope of weight growth during pregnancy needs to refer to the BMI (height weight index) before pregnancy before pregnancy, that is, the square of weight (KG)/height (M).

Before pregnancy, the "standard" pregnant mother of 18.5 ~ 24.9kg/m2, the most reasonable weight gain range throughout pregnancy is 11.5 ~ 16kg.

Pregnant mothers who are thin before pregnancy need to be appropriately increased during pregnancy; and pregnant mothers with fleshy meat before pregnancy can be appropriately controlled after pregnancy, and they can increase less weight.

Generally speaking, the best weight growth rate during pregnancy is "half a catty":

In the early stages of pregnancy, the weight is about 250 ~ 400g per week in the middle and late pregnancy.

Whether it is Zhu Dan’s 60 pounds or Chen Yihan’s 4 kg, it is far beyond this standard.

Although Gina looks very thin, the pregnant belly is still very large, so as long as the weight growth is in a normal interval, "thin pregnancy" is also reasonable.

So what do mothers do when they want to keep their figure during pregnancy?

Moms do not eat too fiercely nor overdose, and a balanced diet is good for babies and mothers.

◆ Reasonable diet

It is recommended that the diet is balanced during pregnancy. The intake of vegetarian vegetarian food is about 1: 3, reducing the intake of salt, sugar, and fat, and more vitamin and high -quality protein.

Keeping energy intake of about 2100kcal daily during pregnancy, such as 200 ~ 300g of food grain, 400 ~ 500g of vegetables, 150g of meat, 50g of eggs, 200 ~ 300g of fruits, 400 ~ 550ml of milk, and 25 ~ 35g of nuts.

◆ Appropriate exercise

Except for doctors strictly stated that the pregnant mothers who need to be bed must be exercised appropriately.

Moms in early pregnancy can persist in work; the fetus in the middle of pregnancy is relatively stable, and mothers can let the activities appropriately. Swimming, jogging and other exercises are very good; in the third trimester, walking and yoga are also very suitable for exercise.

Whether it is fat or thin during pregnancy, as long as mothers ensure a balanced diet, the baby’s nutrition will not lack.Both diet and exercise are essential.

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