Seven months of pregnancy, the daughter -in -law missed her fertility, because her mother -in -law kicked her belly, her husband also fanned her

"It’s painful, can’t live anymore!" The neighbor heard a miserable cry, and hurriedly looked for the sound. When he saw the pregnant woman lying on the ground, he screamed with his hands and kept his stomach.120, sent the woman into the hospital.

Women have been aborted, have been pregnant for 7 months, and have lost their fertility. A person is lying miserably on the bed, crying.

The Ningxia daughter -in -law Liu Xiaohong had some contradictions with her mother -in -law, and the two had a dispute. Her mother -in -law kicked Liu Xiaohong’s big belly with her feet. At this time, she was more than 7 months pregnant!

There is any contradiction between the two people who do not wear the sky, and they have to kick their daughter -in -law who will produce immediately.

Such mother -in -law is really speechless!

Seeing his daughter -in -law and rolling on the ground, he turned a blind eye.

After all, I have lived together for so long. Is there no feelings?It is an outsider. With the situation, if you can rescue the staff, you will reach out to the rescue. You see that when you see the neighbors hear the sound of help, you hurry up to help!

The neighbors played 120 without saying a word.After all, it is two lives!

I don’t know how much contradictions with the two of them have.Liu Xiaohong is really a poor daughter -in -law. How can he spread such a mother -in -law?When her mother -in -law was kicking her belly with her feet, she might not plan to let the child give birth.How easy is a woman who has a child in October? His mother -in -law should have experienced these things and should understand these truths. Why can he be a killer for his daughter -in -law?

Some things are really difficult to understand!

Poor Liu Xiaohong went to the hospital and lost her fertility. This is really a big event for a woman. Suddenly, two things spread to one person. Why not make people feel painful?But the more painful thing than this is still after her husband comes.

Her husband came to the ward and saw Liu Xiaohong lying on the bed not only cared about her at all, but also slapped him:

"If my mother had something wrong, I and you were not finished!" The husband who was angry after speaking was gone.

Did you have nothing to do with this man?This man not only cares about his wife, but also fan his wife. What kind of mother has any kind of son?Is it really that the family should not marry him without entering a door. They may not have seen their daughter -in -law. Who has seen her mother -in -law kicking her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy with her feet?

Liu Xiaohong’s husband is really strange. If you really don’t want to survive this woman, why make this woman pregnant?Since she is pregnant, why did she have a dishwartly abortion?There are already people outside …

As the saying goes, men are afraid of choosing the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong Lang. From here, Liu Xiaohong really chose the wrong object. You should not marry this man, let alone enter this family.It’s all ruined.

Liu Xiaohong’s mother’s house was also very angry, her mother -in -law and husband announced the court.

This approach is also very normal. After all, his daughter married to their house, but now it has been infertile.Mother.Raising the daughter not only did not get the return of the daughter, but also continued to worry about her daughter.When you find an object for your daughter, you must polish your eyes!I am not afraid of poor bitterness, as long as I am happy.Intersection

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