Severe pregnancy increases the risk of depression and premature birth.

Severe pregnancy vomiting and high depression risk

Many pregnant women have such experience. Soon after learning about pregnancy, they had not felt the joy of pregnancy, and they had to start to be baptized for pregnancy.Especially in the early morning, pregnancy is always killed with the first ray of sunshine.Eat, vomiting, drinking water, and smelling the odor is even more serious …

Pregnancy vomiting, commonly known as "harm", generally starts from the 6th week of pregnancy. The 8th to 10th week is the most severe. After the 10th to 16th weeks, it gradually relieves or even disappears. Only a few pregnant women will last until the 20th week or even the whole pregnancy.Most people think that pregnancy is a normal reaction during pregnancy. However, a new study of the British Empire Institute of Technology has found that women with severe pregnancy have a higher risk of depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

Severe pregnancy is related to depression

Researchers at the British Empire Institute of Technology recruited 214 mothers in the early pregnancy in London. Half of them suffered from severe pregnancy, half of them.In the first three months of pregnancy and 6 weeks after childbirth, the researchers evaluated their mental health.It was found that nearly half of the women with severe pregnancy suffered from depression in the first three months, and nearly 30%of them suffered from depression after childbirth.Among women without pregnancy, this ratio is only 6%and 7%, respectively.In other words, female prenatal depression risks with severe pregnancy increased by 8 times, and the risk of postpartum depression increased by 4 times.

Severe pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for pregnant women’s hospitalization. Pregnant women who have this situation may stay in bed for several weeks, dehydration and weight loss, and often cannot work or take care of other children.Half of severe pregnancy, women have to take 4 weeks or more during pregnancy or after pregnancy.

The main author of the study, the obstetrics and gynecology of the Imperial Institute of Technology Nicholas Michell Jones, said: "Some women in the study have even thought of self-harm at the same time as severe pregnancy.Simply treating the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting, and the mental health assessment should also be used as a conventional project. "

Pregnancy vomiting seriously increases the risk of premature birth

Severe pregnancy vomiting is very harmful. If you cannot eat for a long time and your body is hungry for a long time, fat in the body will compensate for energy decomposition to produce energy, and at the same time produce a large amount of ketone body, causing metabolic acid poisoning and ketone. The most direct impact is to cause pregnant womenLight weight and malnutrition may cause premature fetal birth in severe cases.

In 2017, the "British Medical Magazine" published the results of the big data analysis of the city’s maternal condition in the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hubei Province, the risk of premature fetal premature birth.The 15,000 babies involved were born at less than 37 weeks of pregnancy. About 29.9%of their mothers had early pregnancy vomiting.

Song Xiaojie, chief physician of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that research shows that long -term pregnancy vomiting in pregnant women cause electrolytes, metabolic disorders in the body, and even severe complications. At the same timeThe rate of premature birth.Under normal circumstances, vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. If it is not serious, don’t worry too much.But once a severe pregnancy reaction occurs, you should go to the hospital in time, which is more conducive to the health of pregnant women and abdomen.

9 move slowly solving pregnancy vomiting

L ♥ relaxes his body and mind, and spends this stage with a calm mentality to relieve the adverse emotions of tension and anxiety.

l ♥ Pay attention to rest and ensure sufficient sleep.

l ♥ Choose a light and digestible food, eat less and eat and often change the pattern to promote appetite.

l ♥ ♥ 嘱 l l l l l l B1 and B6 will be helpful for alleviating pregnancy.

l ♥ Put the fresh ginger slices in the mouth, or rush into the ginger juice when drinking water or milk.

l ♥ Participate in some gentle activities, such as outdoor walking, doing pregnant women’s health exercises, etc.

l ♥ The living and working environment should be kept clean and clean.

l ♥ Wen Wen lemon, mint, orange, etc.

l ♥ If the pregnancy vomiting is severe and cannot eat, the weight is reduced by 5%before the vomiting, and the symptoms of obvious weight loss, extreme fatigue, dry lips, decreased urination, drowsiness and other symptoms, it is pregnancy drama vomiting.treat.(Fan Hongbo sorted)

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