Shandong issued a "high temperature notice"!Working strokes for work injury over 35 ° C

Recently, Shandong Province entered the high temperature and cool summer season.EssenceTimely measures such as workers such as heart, lungs, etc., and intimate measures such as high -temperature labor heat stroke work injury.

Temperature exceeding 40 ℃ Stop outdoor open -air operations

The "Notice" requires that enterprises should reasonably arrange operating time.According to the characteristics and specific conditions of the unit, the working hours of high -temperature weather are adjusted reasonably in accordance with regulations.

The reporter noticed that the daily maximum temperature reaches above 40 ° C and should stop outdoor open -air operations on the day.When the maximum temperature of the day is above 37 ° C and below 40 ° C, the employer will arrange the outdoor outdoor operating time of the employee throughout the day, and the cumulative outdoor outdoor operating time shall not exceed 6 hours, and the outdoor open -air operations shall not be arranged within 3 hours of the temperature of the temperature.

In addition, when the maximum temperature of the daily daily reaches above 35 ° C and below 37 ° C, the employer should adopt the round -to -round rest time to shorten the continuous operation time of the workers, and the outdoor outdoor operation workers shall be arranged to work overtime.Do not arrange for female employees and minor workers at high temperature weather above 35 ° C to engage in open -air assignments and work places at more than 33 ° C.

What to do with high temperature labor heat stroke and occupational diseases?Calculate work injury!

What should I do if I work at high temperature at high temperature?The reporter noticed that the "Notice" stipulates that it is necessary to organize the training of professional health knowledge such as high -temperature protection and heat stroke first aid in high temperature job operations and high -temperature weather operations to enhance the ability of self -rescue and rescue of workers.

What should I do if the laborers have symptoms of heat stroke?Rescue measures should be taken immediately. If the condition is severe, the employer shall be sent to the medical institution for treatment in time.

In addition, the heat stroke caused by working in high temperature jobs or high -temperature weather operations, who is diagnosed as an occupational disease, can enjoy work injury insurance benefits.

In addition, it is necessary to formulate high temperature and heat stroke emergency plans and organize drills.Based on the number of workers engaged in high -temperature positions and the number of workers in high temperature weather operations, and the operating conditions, it is equipped with emergency rescuers and sufficient first -aid drugs.

Increase the cooling measures to adjust the posts in time for workers such as cardiopulmonary diseases

In recent years, in some regions of Shandong Province, severe heat stroke or even deaths caused by high temperature weather in summer.

The "Notice" pointed out that the unit shall organize a targeted occupational health inspection.Before high -temperature weather comes, employers shall organize professional health inspections of workers with high -temperature weather outdoor operations and high -temperature job operations.

For workers with heart, lung, cerebrovascular diseases, tuberculosis, central nervous system diseases, and other physical conditions are not suitable for high -temperature operating environment, operating positions should be adjusted in a timely manner.

The "Notice" also emphasizes that the necessary ventilation or cooling equipment is added to the high temperature operating venues to enhance the effects of heatstroke and cooling, and provide enough heatstroke and cooling drinks and necessary medicines for workers engaged in high temperature operations.Essence

Walking through the heat prevention and cooling work?These industries should be checked strictly!

In the high temperature season, the health and health administrative departments of various municipalities will strengthen law enforcement inspections on the high temperature and heat stroke industry and units. We must strictly investigate and punish the health of the health of workers in violation of national regulations and harm the health of workers.

In addition, high -temperature operations such as open -air mining, underground mining, ironmaking (steel), boiler, kiln, inspection, and other key industries such as construction workers, sanitation workers, lines, courier and other key industriesThe supervision and inspection of the employers urged employers to carefully implement various heatstroke and cooling measures to avoid the occurrence of high temperature and heat stroke incidents.

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