Shanghai residents have adopted the "puppy" for two months, and the more they feed the more incorrectly, it is actually protecting the animal "貉"

In April of this year, a resident of Shanghai found a "puppy cub" in the grass grass, and he was still connected to the umbilical cord. It didn’t take long to be born at first glance.

In fact, when the stray dog mother is pregnant, she will indeed go to a place that is considered to be safer, but after the baby is born, the bitch will usually be guarded by the puppy, and this resident does not see the bitch.I thought the little guy was abandoned as soon as he was born.

The headache is that the small animals that take care of this newborn and have a umbilical cord are still very energetic. People who have no experience in pets cannot raise them.So the family sent it to the owner of the community for help.

Fortunately, there is a dog -raising experience in the community who has rich experience and many people who have taken care of milk dogs, so he sent the little guy to Hu Nan’s house to raise it.

Hu Nan has rich experience in raising dogs. At a glance, this little guy is more serious than expected. First of all, when you send it, you are already cold. You must know that mammals belong to constant temperature creatures.It is relatively cold. The little guy does not keep warm outside, and it is difficult to resist the low temperature outside the outside world.

Hu Nan’s family used an electric blanket to help it maintain his body temperature. Later, the little guy appeared in shock. He still found that the family had been massaging the heart of the little guy in time. It survived again.

Although there are no media reports, how hard Hu Nan’s family cares about the little guy, but people who have experienced pets know that cubs are very difficult to raise, especially cubs that have no mother to take care of when they are born.

My friend once raised a cat who was abandoned by his mother as soon as he was born. The cat’s eyes were not opened. You need to use a syringe to inject goat milk powder into the mouth.Night is no exception.Wipe your butt with a cotton swab to stimulate the defecation.

Presumably, in order to raise this little guy, the family didn’t worry about it.

However, in the process of breeding, the more the Hu Nan family fed, the more wrong. This is not like a dog. It has been almost two months.Essence

The feces and paws do not look like dogs. After asking for wildlife protection volunteers, they found out that the little guy was not a dog at all, but the "貉" of the second -level protection of animals in my country.

Alas, it is the 貉 of Yiuzhi (HE). It was relatively rare in the past few years, but in recent years, with the increase in green coverage and the environment, the environment has become better and better.The "refuge" environment has come to the city, and some communities in Shanghai can often see the figures.

Residents are actually easy to understand as dogs, because 貉 is also a dog family, and the characteristics of the cub period are not obvious. If they are not professionals, they may be recognized.

At present, this puppet is sent to the Shanghai Zoo, and there will be professionals to take care of it. This cute little guy also has the final destination.

Although this cute little guy eventually has a successful ending, it is still to say that you should not help wild animals, because sometimes your rescue will exacerbate its death.

For those who don’t know much about wildlife habits, there are sometimes "forcibly rescue" behavior.For example: The silly cub will squat in the grass and wait for the mother to come back.This is because they are too small and do not have the ability to survive in the wild. Moms will hide them alone in the grass, go for food for themselves, and come back to take care of them after foraging.

If you do n’t know how to live, you will mistakenly think that it is no man who cares and forcibly send it to the zoo for rescue.

There are also some young birds that will fly in the grass because of learning flying or falling in the grass. In fact, sometimes its parents are nearby and will help young birds.But if you don’t understand its living habits, it will be forcibly rescued.

The difference between wild animals and pets is very large. If you do not understand their lifestyle rescue, they will cause their death.For example, although the sparrows are eaten with plant seeds, but cubs have to eat worms. If they do not understand its lifestyle, feeding them with plant seeds can easily cause them to refuse food and then die.

There are also some wild animals that are very dangerous, and forcibly rescue will give you the risk of injury.For example: Bear, do not find the little bear in the wild. It is possible that its mother is nearby.The mother -in -law’s motherly love is very strong. Any creature that dares to approach their cubs will be attacked by them as threats.

When a person was working on farming, he heard the wailing of small animals, and walked in and found that a bear was clamped by a beast. Out of good intentions, the man stepped forward to rescue him. Unexpectedly, he was threatened by the nearby female bears.lethal.

Another doctor, when he climbed the mountain in the wild, encountered a bear. After that, the doctor took a picture of the bear. Unfortunately, he met the female bear who returned home.The cliff, the right eye was seriously injured.

If you really find wild animals that need to be rescued, such as: injury, infection, loss of survivability in the wild, you can contact relevant departments for rescue.

In daily life, if you encounter wild animals, do not feed, because they have wild survival skills, human feeding will cause them to lose their field survival skills.

On the other hand, feeding can cause them to get closer to others, and it is not a good thing to get close to humans by wild animals, and it may cause people and animals to be injured. For example, the monkeys of Mount Emei are so rampant because human beings are feeding for a long time, which encourages themRight.


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